Earlier today, a series of lewd outtakes made by the English Dub Cast of DragonBall Super were leaked online.

The leaked audio recordings apparently ended up in the hands of Nick Rekieta, a lawyer and YouTuber, who proceeded to share said audio during a stream. It is unknown how the lawyer came into possession of the recordings, or if he was the first to spread knowledge of them.

The recordings feature Funimation’s Seán Schemmel (Goku), Christopher Sabat (Piccolo, Vegeta), Monica Rial (Bulma) and Michelle Ruff (Chi-Chi) to name a few. The voice actors express their characters participating in homophobic slurs, incest, rape, and various sex acts.

The leak of the audio clips comes hot on the heels of Vic Mignonia’s lawsuit against Funimation. In said lawsuit, Mignonia claims that Funimation and several voiced actors committed libel by accusing Mignonia of sexual harassment, a situation which lead to his termination as the voice of Broly in DragonBall Super.

Whilst some are viewing the leaked audio as akin to the infamous Thundercats out-takes of old, others are expressing disappointment in the voice cast’s behaviour. There are also concerns that, in response to the situation, Toei Animation may stop Funimation from dubbing DragonBall Super or any of their other properties.