Smooth Talking Jedi Master Obi-Wan is Coming to Battlefront 2!

After a long wait Star Wars fans are finally getting what they’ve wanted as the bearded master Obi-Wan Kenobi is coming to Dice’s huge Star Wars Battlefront 2! So far his look and skill set hasn’t been kept secret with only a brief cameo in the General Grevious trailer to keep us going but now we have access to a couple of images straight from the archives of the Jedi order!

Coming in with his standard Jedi robes and an unlockable epic skin with his brown cloak it’s clear that you’ll be seeing a lot of this master running across the battlefield of the galaxy including soon to be added Genenosis.

Now as for his skillset we’ve been given a look at that too and it’s clear to see that Defence will be Kenobi’s brad and butter


The traditional weapon of a Jedi Knight. It provides strong attacks and Obi-Wan will have the ability to deflect both lightsabers and blasters more effectively than other Jedi due to his increased stamina pool.

All-Out Push

Obi-Wan will unleash a powerful Force blast in an area directly in front of him, damaging and sending his opponents tumbling backwards. This ability can be adapted based on the situation you find yourself in. Hold down the button to increase both the range and width of this Ability.

Defensive Rush

Obi-wan will rush forward swinging his lightsaber, deflecting any attacks and damaging enemies in front of him.

Restrictive Mind Trick

When used, all opponent abilities in front of Obi-Wan will be disrupted. During this time, no abilities will be available. This also includes dodges.

Still no word yet on just when we’all be seeing the council memeber but we do know he won’t be turned up alone since his update will also include a new skin set for the Clone Troopers so you can dress up as Commander Cody’s 212th Battalion.