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NeocoreGames launces “The Caligari Archivum” Warhammer: 40K short stories


NeocoreGames has launched a FREE short story series called The Caligari Archivum to expand the lore of their upcoming Action RPG, Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr.

The Caligari Archivum is a constantly expanding series of short stories and longer novellas in episodic format, written by various authors, all set in the Caligari sector. Above and Beyond is the first of these stories, a novella in four parts about an Inquisitorial investigation where an unexpected turn of events leads to a terrible discovery and proves that nightmares become real on the worlds which had lost the protection of the God-Emperor.

Big Buck Hunter Pro arcade experience hits living rooms with Sure Shot HD digital gaming console


Iconic arcade classic Big Buck Hunter Pro makes its way into living rooms in time for the holidays with the Sure Shot HD from Super Happy Fun Fun, Inc. Big Buck Hunter Pro, America’s No. 1 arcade hunting game, comes complete with the Sure Shot HD digital gaming console, wireless controller and access to the online Sure Shot Shop where players can now compete in tournaments, download additional titles and more. Big Buck Hunter Pro is available now for $79.99 from Sure Shot’s website and several retailers. Also, beginning Monday, Dec. 19 Big Buck Hunter Pro will be available at select club stores, nationwide.

Big Buck Hunter Pro gives fans all the essentials to easily lock, load and turn living rooms into the center of the party:

  • Bluetooth wireless Sure Shot HD controller with removable stock;
  • Sure Shot HD digital gaming console featuring Big Buck Hunter Pro;
  • HDMI connection cable;
  • DC to USB power cord.

As a connected platform, Sure Shot HD provides players with online access to new content and games, tournaments, live leaderboards, promotions and more. Just in time for the holidays, players have access to three new titles through the Sure Shot Shop:

  • Big Buck Hunter Pro Open Season – features additional adventures and regions for fans of the arcade classic that comes with the console, now available for $9.99;
  • Major Mayhem – in a quest to fend off ninjas, mummies, secret agents and more, fans of the popular mobile and PC/Mac game can rise to the occasion as Major Mayhem to save the world, now available for $4.99;
  • Thug in Time – the top down shooter takes players on a journey through time to save humanity from future destruction, now available for $2.99.

Full Playlist of Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star Character Trailers now available for viewing!


XSEED Games today announced that a complete playlist of character trailers for Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star, the highly-anticipated action title set within the much-beloved Fate universe, is now available for fans’ viewing pleasure via the XSEED Games YouTube channel. Each of the 16 bite-sized videos highlights a playable character’s unique fighting style to give prospective players’ a sense for their favourites and whet their appetites for the game’s upcoming January 17, 2017 launch for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

The full playlist of character trailers for Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star is available at: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4wYT0p0GyAUZw9LU1dGPNak6je8zhAQB

Continent of the Ninth Seal’s December Update Goes Live Tomorrow!


WEBZEN, a global developer and publisher of free-to-play games, has announced that the latest update for its dungeon-based action MMORPG Continent of the Ninth Seal goes live tomorrow.

The biggest addition is Chaos Spire, a new Extreme raid dungeon providing players with the toughest and most exciting challenge in all of Glenheim. Chaos Spire is a special raid dungeon for 6 players. This will not only be the most difficult dungeon, it will also offer unique features and rewards. Raebin explorers have conquered most places on the 6th continent, but the greatest dangers are still ahead. This dungeon is not Master, Hell, or Nightmare difficulty, but an EXTREME dungeon in Raebin.

With Chaos Spire, players will face 3 very powerful boss monsters. 3 Narak monsters await players in the first boss room. Mounting a frontal attack on them would not be the best idea; it would be easier to defeat them by using Dragon Statues. Once players defeat the Narak monsters, they will find many Kaligos in the second area. It is here players will also meet the manipulator of the Kaligos: Heike. An air of mystery still surrounds the final boss. Players will be faced with the strongest enemy they’ve ever seen. With this update, C9 actionists will be tasked with defeating the monsters in Chaos Spire, and will have a chance to obtain special rewards, including a new effect-change or buff/debuff Skill Book, a Sealed Book of Chaos, Master-graded accessories with set effects and more.

The C9 team will also be celebrating this release with special daily events. Players can receive an additional EXP buff (200%), artisan EXP buff (200%), guild points (100%), increased dungeon clear rewards, invitation tickets to the Extreme dungeon, useful potions and much more. Plus, players will receive a rewards box which may contain precious auspice items and Holiday Remodelling Weapons simply by entering Chaos Spire. The event will be running

until the weekly maintenance on January 3rd, 2017 (UTC).

New records set in EVE Online as the first & largest Player structure is annihilated off the map…


The destruction of the largest, first fully-operational player structure in EVE history, a Keepstar class Citadel, has set a new record for the largest, first, fully player-operational player structure in EVE Online to ever be destroyed – Standing a staggering 160km tall (for reference the first Death Star was around 150km in diameter) and fully kitted out with defensive superweapons capable of tremendous damage, destroying such a structure took tremendous planning and a whole lot of firepower that sustained for hours on end.

The Siege of M-0EE8 unfolded in dramatic fashion, breaking the record of most players in a single solar system (5,337) with 7,507+ unique characters jumping into the system throughout the siege. As is the case in EVE’s “sandbox gameplay” design, it was all imagined, organised, and motivated by the players themselves, and is the culmination of a month’s long conflict between thousands of players known as the Tribute War, named after the region of space in which it raged.

You can read about and gain context for the Siege of M-0EE8, check out pictures, read player recaps, and see other videos in the dev blog posted last Thursday: https://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/siege-of-m-oee8/

Of particular note in the dev blog are the SCOPE videos, a lore-based in-game news reel that CCP regularly produces about player-centric events that reacts to how EVE’s inventive pilots decide to play within the universe. The two SCOPE videos created for the Siege of M-0EE8 include a mix of real player testimony from important players, player-captured footage of the battle itself, and some bells and whistles thrown in by the EVE development staff. A true news program for a virtual world filled reporting on real, compelling events.

Following November’s EVE Online: Ascension expansion, all players past, present, and future now have the option to join the EVE universe and its unique gaming community and play for free—forever–with the introduction of the Clone States feature.

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