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Pokemon Sun & Moon released today in the EU & UK!

pokemon sun and moon legendaries

After long last, the seventh generation of Pokemon has released to the EU and UK; players can now explore the Alola Region, and catch over 60 new, exciting Pokemon! Please note that the Poke Bank application will not work with Pokemon Sun and Moon until January, due to Nintendo wanting players to spend time with the main game before importing their old teams. Also remember that if you own Pokemon Red, Blue or Yellow on digital download, you’ll be able to import your Pokemon straight from Red / Blue / Yellow to Sun & Moon!

Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows Thanksgiving Update


G5 Games wants to help you celebrate Thanksgiving! To thank all our fans, we have released the Thanksgiving update of Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows! Are you ready to visit the City of Shadows again and discover what’s really happening at the Station?

In this riveting update, open a new hidden object scene and bravely overcome all the new challenges that are waiting for you at the Station! Beware in particular of the secret of the disappearing train! Complete quests as part of the festive “Mystery of the Ghost Train” event and reap several rewards for your efforts, including Thanksgiving avatars, a unique amulet, a cornucopia and startling prizes and bonuses. Update the game now, search everywhere for your missing friend and share the festive mood with your friends and family!

First big Update for Endless Space 2 brings new major Faction


Award-winning developer Amplitude Studios has announced a new update for their sci-fi strategy game Endless Space 2. The update will become available later today and adds a new major faction, the United Empire, to the game, plus three new minor factions and gameplay changes including an increased turn limit, a reworked truce system and more.

Set in the same universe as the original Endless Space and its fantasy-themed spin-off Endless Legend, Endless Space 2 is a turn-based, 4X space-strategy game that expands the popular Endless universe even further. Currently in Early Access, Endless Space 2 features five asymmetric factions with a total of eight factions planned for the final version of the game.

You can watch the United Empire Faction trailer HERE!

Heavy Metal Machines: Dirt Devil class releasing TOMORROW!


It is the season to be thankful! So developer Hoplon — in appreciation of all the fan love and support for Heavy Metal Machines, their hit Windows PC vehicular arena combat game — is carving up an extra serving of delectable chaos! Last month, they introduced Full Metal Judge as a new playable character. Tomorrow, they unleash a Steam update that adds a tenth all-new character: Dirt Devil!

The folly of man and his destructive ways have shaped the wasteland. Its terrain is unforgiving to its inhabitants, corroding both their vehicles and their scraps of remaining humanity. But one man flourishes in the sand seas of the wasteland, the Sand Gang captain himself: Dirt Devil! He earned his name thanks to his thirst for revenge against the towering sand worm, losing both his arm and eye in the process. His quest brings him to the Heavy Metal Machines arena in search of new prey to sharpen his combat skills for the fateful day when he can settle the score with his true enemy.

Dirt Devil specialises in creating chaos in the arena with his suite of disorienting skills, making him an incredibly effective Interceptor class character.

Flying Tigers: Shadows over China – Touchdown Update released!


Air-combat action game developer Ace Maddox is pleased to announce the “Touchdown” Steam Update is live for Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China. The single player campaign has been completed and full voice over has been implemented to all 12 missions, there are new cockpits added for the B-25B bomber and the A6M2 Zero and P-51D Mustang fighters. There’s also a new option that lets aspiring multiplayer pilots restrict/set the control-style for online matches. Furthermore, rendering has been improved (again!) so aircraft, landscape and weather look vividly lit and more authentic. There’s also been a multiplayer menu refresh, now match modes are clarified/renamed to DOGFIGHT VS, TEAM DOGFIGHT, ROCKET MATCH VS, TEAM ROCKET MATCH, and FLY THE FLAG.

Black Desert Online: Musa & Maehwa classes awaken!


Today, the Musa and Maehwa classes both awaken in Black Desert Online, gaining fearsome new weapons and abilities to make the speedy pair an even greater threat. The Musa can now switch to the Crescent Blade, which is reminiscent of a polearm and capable of large sweeping attacks to rapidly clear the battlefield of anyone standing in the way. The Maehwa  unlocks the Kerispear, a long-bladed spear weapon, which she uses to unleash a series of devastating piercing attacks. Combining their high agility with the power of these new Awakening weapons, the Musa and Maehwa  will take their respective combat styles to new heights.

Watch the Musa and Maehwa Awakening Overview video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYrCc9VjpV4

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