So the lovely bosses that be here at Respawning (Luke I’m looking at you) thought I may like to review Let’s Sing 2019. First off I want to state this, I can’t sing, the only person who genuinely seems to think I can is my Gran, bless her heart. Not only am I incapable of singing I don’t sing, like ever!…..Okay Okay maybe I occasionally sing in my car, when I am completely alone….but everyone does that right?  Anyway, so far I’ve only had the chance to test this game out on my own….in my bedroom……when every other person has been out of the house! I’m pretty sure my cats also left the house when I started up. So let’s have a little look at this game!

I have the platinum edition, which is actually really nice and I’d strongly suggest getting this edition if you want to pick up this game. With the platinum edition, you get a whole host of DLC to go with with the base game. This extra DLC is actually well worth its price if you want the game as a party game, it ensures there are songs to suit all tastes and abilities. If you want the game because (unlike me) you enjoy improving your singing skills and want to improve and try different styles the DLC is brilliant.

There are various different game modes but I have so far only played on my own on the bog standard game mode, I have to admit, it is actually really really fun. So, to start you have a little peruse of the available songs, you can sort them by the artists which is handy if you want to, for example, see everything available by Queen or whoever. Each song is rated in difficulty from 1 to 5 stars, so you have some idea of the songs difficulty before starting. However, I have found if its a song I know well, words, timing, melody and the like, the star rating doesn’t really have an effect. Tackling more unknown songs, however, is where I have found that, actually, the ratings are pretty darn accurate.

You start up your song and you pick your microphone by singing until it connects, you have several choices, plug-in microphone, headset and you can download the app on your phone. I can only really comment on the phone and headset option, as I don’t own any plugin microphones (apparently old Rockstar microphones are compatible). Headset option is pretty good depending on a couple things, the quality of your headset, and whether you want to hear your own voice blasting back at you. After a few songs, I’m fooled into thinking that….oh hey… I’m not too bad at this singing business lets pop on the player voice feedback. BIG MISTAKE. I’m flat and whiny and to make things worse because of you know…the physics of sound… I just sound waaaay out of time. Honestly, if angels could weep they were at this very point in time. It’s a wonder I didn’t start some kind of epidemic with the local wildlife! Also when I really sang loudly I got horrid mic crackles and feedback so it wasn’t for me. Using the phone app is my preferred method. I can sing it out not hear myself back and not be confined to headphones! the only problem is it tends to lose connection mid song… boooooo.

When you start a song, the layout is pretty cool, you pick a little character and your voice is mapped out by a little line that shows your voice moving up and down and when you crackle and wobble. The words of the song are presented in two ways, as lyrics at the bottom and as little bubbles moving across the screen to a line which tells you when you have to sing them. There’s golden notes you have to hit and a gold silver and bronze ranking style system. You can also see the top global singers for each song which is cute!. My favourite bit, however, is the fact that as your singing you get to watch the music video play out in the background! I love this I think its great!

Overall, despite myself, I really enjoyed this game! I think it would be so much fun with a group of willing friends. The game is laid out nicely and there lots of options for all different types of users from the serious singers to the drunken karaoke-ers. The layout is nice and the selection of songs is brilliant. Excellent game for letting off some steam and just having a good laugh. I’m gonna go ahead and give this one a…

9 / 10