Earlier today, Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order announced that their popular PC/Mac city building simulator, Cities: Skylines, would be getting a new expansion on May 28th. The expansion, Parklife, will focus on providing cities with a variety of green entertainment spaces, including parks, zoos, and theme parks.

In addition to a variety of new buildings, players will have access to a Park Area Tool, which will allow them to designate unpopulated areas as parkland. This allows for the creation of small gardens between lots, as well as grand reserves covering entire forests. Props and paths can be placed anywhere within a park area, and for the first time, buildings can be placed next to paths in a park, not just roads. Like other types of lots, parks can level up, becoming more prestigious and popular as they do so.

Players will be able to arrange sightseeing tours through parks, as well as around the city in general as an additional tourism enhancement. The expansion will also come with three new policies to help manage park areas, as well as a brand new radio station. The radio station, Country Road Radio, will feature a variety of tracks covering the Bluegrass, Nashville Modern Country, Unplugged Country, and Appalachian Folk music genres.

All Cities: Skylines users will receive a free update upon the expansion’s release, adding additional modding features, new tourist models, and a new tourism panel to reference. Parklife’s announcement trailer may be found below.

[youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1My4hXYVXR4″ rel=”0″ showinfo=”0″]

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