Lucio-Ohs are here!

While they’re unfortunately a US-only product, they’ll be available from December, in a collaboration with Kelloggs.

The cereal resembles cheerios and has a vanilla-based flavour.

A special in-game reward will be available with each box- known as a ‘loot boost’, it allows a player to gain an additional loot-box at every level for the next three level-ups. Essentially, it means that each box of Lucio-ohs comes with three in-game loot-boxes.

Lucio-ohs started as a joke product in-game, as a breakfast cereal promoted by Lucio- a playable character who is a world-renowned Brazilian DJ and freedom fighter. They were referenced first by a spray and later by a voice line delivered by Johnny Cruz, Lucio’s voice actor.

Here’s hoping they go international soon enough!