Whatcha’ thinka dis, mon?

A new expansion set deep in Stranglethorn, Rastakhan’s Rumble, will Launch on December 2nd. The expansion is themed around the ancient tournament of the trolls, with different tribes of trolls taking charge of each class.

The expansion comes with a new Keyword: ‘Overkill’- deal more damage than is needed, and gain a bonus effect.

One example given was Sul’thraze, a new warrior weapon which can attack whenever it kills a character with 3 or less health.

Each class will gain access to a 0/3 rare minion called a ‘Spirit’- these spirits have a single turn of stealth and a passive effect. Rogue’s spirit, ‘Spirit of the Shark’, acts like an upgrade of Brann Bronzebeard, making your minion’s Battlecries and Combo effects trigger twice.

All classes will also gain access to a powerful Loa minion, legendary minions which must be earned through different means, acting like miniature Quests.

Paladin’s Loa, Shirvallah the Tiger, is a powerful 7/5 with Rush, Divine Shield, and Lifesteal. At ten Mana, this card would have an average power level- but costs 25 Mana.

The twist? Each time you spend Mana on a spell, Shirvallah will cost that much less, no matter where it is. This means that, if you spend 25 Mana on spells throughout a game, Shirvallah is not only exceptionally powerful, but free.

A livestream later today will reveal more new cards. For now, here’s the awesome cinematic trailer!