Slaughter House Rulez hits the big screen tomorrow and whilst we know that this was not directed by Edgar Wright, it does feature both Simon Pegg and Nick Frost and honestly… it doesn’t take much to convince us to talk about our favourite moments in the Cornetto Trilogy!


Can I pick all the moments? Is that OK? First gotta say the one I’ve probably seen the most is Shaun of the dead, followed closely by Hot Fuzz, I’ve seen The world’s end probably once so I have the least to say about that one. So let’s start with Shaun of the dead, I think there’s two moments that for whatever reason always stick in my mind, firstly, the record throwing! There’s just something so absurd about that scene that it always makes me giggle thinking about it! Secondly the end scene in the shed where zombie Ed is chained up and they’re playing video games! I just think it’s kinda cute.

Now Hot Fuzz, I live in a small village surrounded by farms so some of these charecters ring rather true (all be it exaggerated). I think one of my favourite bits is where they give all the reasons for killing people off! I can just imagine people in my village having similar gripes (maybe not killing people though)


Best moment? In a trilogy thats near enough perfect? By the gods the Respawning higher ups can set the bar high sometimes! Ok I think I’ll go for something from Hot Fuzz. My favourite of the trilogy. The highlight for me was the way the final act plays out with Nicholas Angel and Danny fighting the entire town of Sanford and parodying pretty much every “cop movie” trope you can think of and everything Danny had asked Angel if he’d done earlier in the film suddenly happens! It’s a hilarious scene and get pay off for the rest of the films build up!


I’m a sucker for action in movies set to the beat of the music. I’m a sucker for fluid motion and graceful presentation. And I’m a sucker for a pint of the good stuff.

Thankfully, those three things come neatly packaged in “The world’s end”, which I maintain is far better than Shaun of the Dead and almost as good as Hot Fuzz- fight me.

The scene in question is ruined by being described, so just take the clip on me.

So beautiful. So Spicy. So Sublime.


Well in a similar vein it’s hard to pick the best but they’d definitely have to be from the first 2 movies, as good as world’s end is it doesn’t quite match up with the others for me. I’m a HUGE fan of Shaun of the dead and even dressed up like Shaun once for a New years eve party (what a night), where i was so bladdered i didn’t know what someone meant when they shouted ‘You’ve got red on you!’ as they walked away shaking their head dissaprovingly… Anyway favourite moments….one for definite is the drunk zombie song ‘get higher baby’ where the 2 idiots are completely oblivious to what’s going on and are singing a song with zombie. The other, from Hot Fuzz, is right at the end when Simon Skinner ( T Dalton) gets the miniature chirch pierced through his mouth, that moment of intense violence was so unexpected and amazing to me and will always stick in my mind.