Just a day after the Bastet short we previously reported on, Blizzard has brought us the story’s featured skin in a free update.

In a similar vein to D.Va’s ‘Nano’ skin, Ana’s ‘Bastet’ skin must be unlocked by winning a series of 9 matches over the next 13 days. The matches can be ranked, quick-play, or arcade in nature; it doesn’t matter. Winning the 9 matches will unlock the ‘Bastet’ skin, in addition to a unique kneeling emote.

The skin is based on the Egyptian goddess, Bastet – the cat goddess, who protected her father, the sun god, Atum-Ra. The story the skin featured in, also called Bastet, is a free short fiction available on the Overwatch site. It follows Ana and Soldier: 76’s reunion, and reflection on their life choices.