According to top AEW star and Executive Vice President, Kenny Omega recently confirmed that news on an AEW video game is coming soon (hopefully).

In a recent twitter Q&A, which is a rare occurrence for Kenny Omega, he was asked directly if there was any news on the rumoured AEW video game. Omega responded with a simple answer – “Coming (hopefully) soon!”. The game has been rumoured for a while now and will come as little surprise given Omega’s position in the company and that he is just as obsessed with video games as he is with planting his opponents faces into the mat. If Omega is indeed the man overseeing this project then it’s fair to say the game is in safe hands.

With the recent disaster that was WWE 2K20, now would be a good time for a new wrestling game to hit the market. Part of WWE 2K20’s failings was down to long time developer Yukes ending their relationship with WWE after leaving to start on a new project. We are yet to find out what that project is but with the news that an AEW game is on the horizon, maybe the two could be connected… Watch this space!

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