Earlier today, Paradox Interactive announced that it’s 2012 grand-strategy hit, Crusader Kings II, would be available for free on Steam ‘for a limited time’. All DLC for the title is also on sale.

Crusader Kings II is a sandbox strategy title that allows players to play a historical or player-made member of the European and North African nobility, with the main aim of gaining power and ensuring their lineage’s survival. Players may simply try to survive the game’s three-hundred year time frame with what land they have, slowly try to take power via strategic alliances and marriages, conquer what they can with raised armies, and more.

Filled with random and historical events, with a variety of content-expanding DLC, the title has solidified itself as a unique gem in the strategy-gaming genre.

At time of publication, both the offer and sale are currently live. Legentibus: Rapiunt illud gratis, hodie!

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