Charmed was rebooted and aired last night… Let that sink in for a moment. To “celebrate” this we go over our the TV Reboots we wish they had just left well alone. With TV Reboots ranging from Shooter through to Charmed – expect some pure hatred for ruining our favourite films and shows with sub par TV Reboots coming up!


TMNT. I really didn’t enjoy Bay’s reboot of one of my favourite childhood tv shows. The original Turtles TV show was just the absolute best, then there were the 90s movies which were actually really enjoyable and kept the charm alive. Fast forward a fair few years and Michael Bay, the man who’s the main appeal is that he’s good at explosions, decides to take on a movie about ninja turtles who primarily fight hand to hand. The first movie was passable but I couldn’t watch more than 10 minutes of the second installment. For me they lose the charm and humor that was in the originals and shit all over it, I just think they’re really bad movies.

On top of this, the Transformers movies have really fallen downhill, the first one is ok………


For me, It has to be Being Human, once the original three left (not really happy with how that was handled) it just got dry for me. I appreciate they were still riding a wave of success and all but 1) The original series went on for waaaayyyy too long and 2) The idea just wasn’t novel anymore, so trying to recapture the magic with 3 new characters was just never going to happen! I don’t know if this *technically* counts as a reboot because there weren’t any gaps between new seasons, more of a reshuffle, but it’s the one that sticks out for me. Although, gotta say the American version of ‘being human’ was perfect.


If you were a teenager at any point in the early 2010s, chances are the most relatable show on TV was ‘The Inbetweeners’, one of the funniest teen comedies the UK has ever produced- based around the friendship of a posh new kid, a lying sex pest, a normal kid who tries too hard to be cool, and a loveable airhead as they try to survive the everyday life of normal British teenagers.

It was fantastic, a cultural touchstone for all British teenagers at the time, with lines from the show entering my and my friends’ lexicons forever (seriously, a decade later we all still yell ‘Bus Wankers’!). Everyone knew a Will, a Jay, a Neil and Simon. The humor mimicked the exact same jokes you’d tell across the table in GCSE maths, the shoots took place on cloudy, overcast days and even the costume design oozed relateable personality.

But then, there was an American-made reboot. I could go on some massive rant, but I only need tell you one thing.

They replaced ‘Bus Wankers’ with ‘Bus Turds’.

I weep.



Im a big fan of 80s TV and Movies so I got pretty hype when I say ITV was going to air Lethal Weapon. Then I realized that it wasn’t the Mel Gibson, Danny Glover classic. It was a tedious unfunny TV reboot that tries too hard to be something it isn’t and can’t make any of its jokes land because it doesn’t have that 80s charm where everything is neon and people have terrible hair. (Yeah okay I’m not the poster boy for good hair SHUT UP!) anyway, I thought this might be a one-time thing but then I realised it’s happened before… Miami Vice, Rush Hour and in the opposite direction we had The A-Team and The Equalizer and yeah okay the Equalizer was actually good but my point still stands. Leave the 80s where it belongs. Sure be inspired but don’t just copy paste and hope it works!