Yeah yeah, we have another club before Christmas yet but for that one, Luke has taken over for a Birthday special so this week we take a look at the best and worst games that take place over the festive period!



Now this took a lot of thinking but after staring off into space and eating my own body weight in mince pies I finally thought of something, all be it only a section of a game but still. The Christmas time segment of Bully will always be a favourite of mine. With the disgusting school and town of Bullworth getting a dusting of snow and plenty of snowmen about for you to knock down because you’re gamer and you’ll be dammed if you’re not going to be a dick too. There’s not a lot more fun about dressing Jimmy up as an elf and picking fights with every single person you can find as though Santa has a new method of deciding who deserves presents.


Okay so I’m not sure if this is cheating but my answer has to be Animal Crossing. I just love, love, love how my town looks at Christmas time with all the snow and the fairy lights, it’s adorable! I really love building snowmen too! I love finding out their personality and the perfect ratio and how they act if you build them wrong! I love collecting the furniture and the outfits! But most of all I LOVE JINGLE! How could you not he’s just the most ADORABLE THING.