I don’t play many mobile games as I feel they’re not worth the money you pay, most of them are either click and wait games or clones of Bejewelled/Candy Crush… Then I played Dan the Man, it’s a really fun platformer with semi complex combat added to make it a bit more exciting.

Dan the Man has been developed by Half Brick, who also developed Jetpack Joyride, which was amazing, and was on my recommended list on Google Play.

I started the game with the free version which I played for a couple of levels until I bought the premium (without ads) version for a minor £1.49, which it’s well worth, this also came with a free costume. The game plays a lot like the old Mario games, especially with the map’s style, but with combat and guns.

The story line is kind of unclear (I think you’re trying to over throw a king of sorts) which doesn’t really matter, honestly, as it’s more about the pure fun of running through, avoiding traps and dispatching enemies. The fights are really fun, there can be a lot of enemies on the screen at one time and you have to run and avoid gun fire whilst beating them all up and defeating them. The enemies range from dogs to drones that electrocute you, to much much more; there’s also many different types of human enemies who have batons, shields and guns. Different moves are effective against different enemies (you have to hold down attack to take down shield enemies, jump kick to attack enemies in the air). The combat itself is really fun and makes you avoid attacks to stay alive and making you put yourself into better positions to land combos.  There are also weapons with very limited ammo which you need to use carefully. All of the moves and weapons are upgradable with in game currency.

Sometimes whilst running through the levels you encounter bosses and mini bosses. There are also secret areas where you can pick up in game money and weapons. As well as the story line there is a survival mode where you just need to last as long as possible and time trial type events which lead you to secret chests.

The whole time you play you earn in game currency which can be used to upgrade your moves, your weapons and buy endless items of clothing for your customisable character.

This is a mobile game which I definitely recommend and currently has me addicted. If all mobile games were fun platformers like this I would play way more.