We Dig Games invites all press and content creators to immerse themselves in the rhythmic frenzy of Disco Samurai, a cutting-edge rhythm combat game set in the cyberpunk city of Disco, Pennsylvania. March to the beat of electronic music and experience a unique blend of synthwave and rock at PAX East 2024, taking place from March 21-24, on the Games From Poland Booth #18084. 

Step Into the Beat!

Join us at Games From Poland Booth #18084, where the electrifying soundscape of Disco Samurai awaits your exploration. Dive into the world without laws and rules, where only the mastery of the blade can lead to glory and prosperity. As Alanye, a beat cop embroiled in a conspiracy beyond imagination, challenge your skills by seamlessly combining attacks, parries, dashes, and other abilities to the pulsating beat of the music.


In Disco Samurai, both your and your enemy’s actions sync with the beat of the music. Respect your adversaries, pay attention to attack indicators, and alternate between parries, blocks, and dodges to wear them down. Take the initiative, unleash special abilities, and kick foes into environmental hazards for extra damage. Miss a beat, and you’re toast – but fear not, with short levels, redemption is only seconds away.

Face off against extremely dangerous bosses with complex attack patterns synced to their unique songs, delivering a personal touch to each encounter.

After completing a level, replay it with custom music you load into the game, creating your unique rhythm combat experience.