Tree of Savior, the MMORPG developed by IMCGames (CEO Hak-kyu Kim) and published on steam, is releasing a new update which introduces a brand new class called ‘Godeye’.
The ‘Godeye’ is a new special class introduced for the first time ever to the Archer tree, boasting more visually diverse skill effects and unique gameplay experience through the application of a brand new effect engine. Also, a custom tailored, exclusive costume and title will be provided to celebrate its release and add to the occasion.

Thanks to its ‘Rapid Fire’ attribute which greatly reduces skill cooldowns, the Godeye can unleash a barrage of various skills with alacrity. The Godeye may also quickly stack up class exclusive buff, ‘Charge Arrow’, to deal massive damage to its foes. Living up to its name, the Godeye may also choose to expend all available stacks of ‘Charge Arrow’ to fire an arrow infused with divine power, decimating all enemies in its path.
Tree of Savior is a PC MMORPG which boasts fast paced, intense action with adorable yet attractive characters in beautifully rendered, fairy tale-like artstyle. It has reached over 300,000 concurrent users within one week of its release, and was critically acclaimed for its unique, hand painted art-like character design. Tree of Savior was also awarded for its general excellence and creativity in game character design at 2016 Korea Game Awards.
The ‘Godeye’ update will become available on Tuesday, March 5th, and more information can be found on the Steam Community at