A Free-to-Play, Physics-Based Sandbox VR/MR Game

Squido Studio is thrilled to announce that Anarchitects, a groundbreaking Virtual and Mixed Reality (VR/MR) social sandbox game, is coming to Meta’s experimental release platform, App Lab, in early access on April 23rd, 2024. We’re excited to share our official announcement trailer, giving fans a first glimpse into a game where creativity is limitless.

Anarchitects offers an unparalleled blend of social interaction and creative freedom, enabling players to design and enjoy mini-games, hangout with friends, all without the need for any coding or scripting. From crafting a zero-gravity gun battle to kicking off a soccer match, the game’s easy-to-use tools mean you can create to your creative limit.

Building and playing occur simultaneously, thanks to the innovative interaction between players and entities known as Celestials, ensuring a seamless and boundaryless experience. With virtually no loading screens, transitions between game modes and continued building happen instantly, keeping the fun among friends uninterrupted.

In addition, Anarchitects empowers players to edit and republish any map or game mode – including those from Squido Studio itself – allowing everyone to tailor the gaming experience to their personal taste and evolving gameplay. The emphasis on user-generated content promises a constantly changing world, ripe with creativity and fresh experiences through a community driven system.

Anarchitects is inspired by creative platforms such as Roblox and RecRoom, and incorporates physics-based mechanics akin to Garry’s Mod, and adding social multiplayer to the mix. It also features character customization, enabling players to fully express their individuality within the game.

Early Access Launch and Future Plans

Early Access to Anarchitects will be available on the Meta Quest App Lab starting Tuesday, April 23rd, at 10 AM ET. This initial phase will provide a sneak peek into the expansive world of Anarchitects and promising massive regular content updates separated through monthly seasons. Each update will introduce an array of new objects and activities, ensuring the adventure never grows old. Players looking to enhance their experience can purchase cosmetics, objects, and decorations, adding a personal touch to their adventures in this limitless virtual playground.

A Community-Driven Experience

Starting today, follow Squido Studio and Anarchitects on our social media channels for exclusive content and gameplay features leading up to the launch. We are committed to building a game that grows with and for its community, with plans to introduce incentives for players and content creators alike.

For more information, visit www.anarchitects.com and join us on TikTokDiscordYouTube and Instagram!