Celebrate The Anniversary With a Star-Filled Festival in Festia, Daily Quests, and Mini-Games!

Mabinogi, Nexon’s free-to-play fantasy MMORPG, is excited to announce its 16th anniversary celebration taking place through April 11. The Festival of Stars brings the return of Festia activities to players with exciting mini-games, starry-themed decorations throughout Festia and more.

Milletians can participate in several anniversary daily quests, mini-games, and story quests throughout the event. They can also achieve items like the Star Sheeptuplet, Festival Wear, 16th Anniversary Luxury Equipment Bag, Starry-themed Chairs, and even more items. In addition, there are the following 16th-anniversary sales in the Cash Shop:

  • 16th Anniversary Mega Package containing all of the following items:
    • Dazzling Reforging Tool (x10)
    • Exquisite Reforging Tool (x5)
    • Rebirth Potion (x7)
    • Amplified Skill Training Seal (50) (x5)
    • Arcana 2x EXP Potion (1 Hour) (x3)
    • 100% Auction House Fee Discount Coupon (x3) 
  • Stellar Wings Box
    • A box that contains one of a vast assortment of wings. Use it to obtain one of a variety of items (probability varies by item), including a Stellar All Wings Master Orb, Lord of the Firmament Wings Orb, Fluttering Petals Wings Orb, Cloaked by Moonlight Orb, Dark Surrender Wings Orb, Earthsplitter Wings Orb, and Black Heavenly Grace Wings.

To further celebrate the 16th anniversary, the highly-anticipated renewal to the existing VIP/Premium Service has arrived. Three new packages are now available so players can choose their playstyle – Basic VIP, Life VIP, and Combat VIP. Players who want all packages can obtain the Combination VIP package which includes all packages in one. In addition, they can now trade the 30-Day premium packages and use the item at their convenience to add a 30-day service duration to their account.

All Milletians can experience the benefits of the newly revamped VIP Service Packages for 14 days by simply logging in during the event period of March 14 – March 28 to claim the Combination VIP Package.

Newly added benefits include:

  • Free use of the Extra Equipment Slot
  • Unlimited Level Up in 1st Baltane Elite SM 
  • Life Buff granting Life Skill EXP x2, Gathering Speed +3%, and Crafting Success Rate +1%
  • Combat Buff granting Combat Skill EXP x2 and Bonus Damage +1%
  • Rental Pet Bareback Humpback Whale Pet Whistle (Usable during VIP duration)
  • Age Potions (via Rebirth)
  • 10 Additional Auction House Listings
  • Increased Maximum Bank Storage Limit (500M Gold) 
  • Free Homestead Jukebox Usage

Additionally, the following features which were previously part of a VIP-service exclusive are now free for all users:

  • Style Tab
  • Premium Gestures
  • Unlimited Title Changes and Talent Title Changes
  • Check Withdrawal Limit Increased from 5m Gold to 10m
  • Nao’s birthday present
  • Taillteann Farms

Celebrate Mabinogi’s 16th anniversary with your fellow Milletians now and enjoy fun-filled activities!

Also, Mabinogi fans can now get new Arcana themed merchandise at the Nexon Merch shop. Check out the mousepad, acrylic characters, magnet and key chains!