Heroes of Ravenswatch, a new chapter now awaits you. The creatures of the Nightmare have invaded the lost city of Avalon, and only you can save the last bastion of Reverie. Embark on the quest to recapture it either on your own or in a group, and discover a whole new region filled with secrets, as well as new monsters to wipe out.

To date, more than 450,000 of you have answered the call of Ravenswatch and faced the challenges of the Dark Hills and Storm Island. Now, Reverie needs your unwavering support!

In days gone by, Avalon was a shining beacon beloved of the citizens of Reverie. Now under attack by the Nightmare, it has become a shadow of its former self. Corruption has taken root, which could well be how the Nightmare has managed to contaminate the lands of Reverie.

In the city itself, there are new enemies set to cross your path: witches, wolves, knights and gargoyles are the main dangers lurking in the streets. Seek out Morgan, the sole survivor of the abandoned city, in order to lift the evil affliction which has befallen her brother King Arthur. Proud members of Ravenswatch, join forces to save the land of Avalon and vanquish the Master Nightmare!

Fall of Avalon also lets you test your skills by customising your runs through “Challenges”. This option enables you to add a variety of run bonuses and handicaps, which will in turn lower or raise your run score: you can select pre-set options or design your own rules!

Details of what’s new in Fall of Avalon:

  • An all-new map to explore, Avalon
  • New playing modes, by means of the Challenges
  • New types of enemies to fight, including witches, wolves, knights, and gargoyles
  • A new Mini boss
  • A new Master Nightmare to eliminate, Claws Master Nightmare
  • A new quest involving a corrupted King Arthur
  • Three new talents per hero, and an increased maximum level in a run
  • Rewards system overhauled, and new magic items added

Check out the complete patch notes of the Fall of Avalon major update: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/2071280/view/4185608262914177743