Day1 Studio and iDreamSky are excited to announce that Strinova’s “Quark” playtest is now live on Steam and Windows via the PC client! Players in North America and Japan can now dive into the much-anticipated anime-style third-person tactical competitive shooter until June 30th at 9:00pm EDT / 10:00am JST.

Strinova is dedicated to making shooter games more interesting and engaging, and its closed beta offers an exclusive first look at its groundbreaking gameplay. Featuring the unique ability to switch between 3D and 2D forms in a multidimensional combat environment with a compelling narrative, Strinova promises a unique competitive experience. Participants in the “Quark” closed beta will explore innovative features like Superstrings, tactical offense and defense systems, and character bonding mechanics while engaging in strategic battles on multilayered maps. See the official Steam post for more information about this closed beta test, such as system requirements and data wiping.

Key Features:

  • Multidimensional Shooter Experience – The “stringification” mechanic allows you to switch freely between your 2D and 3D forms in the multidimensional world. Each form grants you completely different routes and strategies for a brand-new shooting experience, such as the 2D floating and wall sticking that aids in evading attacks and navigating through obstacles.
  • Tactical Offense and Defense – The unique team combat system rewards strategic thinking and planning with multilayered maps, the stringification mechanism, tactical skill operations, and various usable devices.
  • Ever-increasing Maps and Game Modes – With a variety of maps and game modes, including Demolition and Scrimmage, the fun never ends. New maps and game modes are continually added to keep the game fresh and exciting.
  • Powerful Superstring Heroes – Unique skills and firearms make every Superstring irreplaceable. You will find your place to shine, whether you are an attacker breaking through enemy lines or a guardian protecting your teammates.
  • Captivating World Building – The world of Strinova has a wide variety of scenery props and vivid character stories. Characters are divided into three major factions: Painting Utopia SecurityThe Scissors, and Urbino. Each faction holds radically different interpretations of what it means to be “human” and diverse visions for the future of humanity.

Participate in the closed beta test now through the official website or on Steam until June 30th at 9:00pm EDT / 10:00am JST! Follow on X/Twitter and join the Discord for closed beta information and future updates.