Craft strategic card combos, customize your dream team, and battle surreal foes to prevent the collapse of the Dream World in Dream Tactics.

Dream Tactics, embark on an epic journey in Dream Tactics, where tactical card synergy and intricate character customization drive your quest to save the Dream World from certain demise brought to you by Spectra Entertainment Inc and publisher Freedom Games, for its release on PC via Steam 4/15/24.

Dream Tactics’ offers a fresh take on tactical RPGs, combining rich character customization, strategic combat, and innovative card mechanics. Assemble your party, harness the power of cunning card combos, and embark on a thrilling adventure to save the world from Dream Eater.

In a race against time, players will join the unlikely hero, Neru, as she rallies a diverse team to face off against hordes of mischievous pillows that would stop her on her journey to save the very fabric of the Dream World. With Neru’s limited knowledge of Reverie, the magic of the Dream World, every decision counts as players strategize their way through battles and unravel the mysteries of this fantastical realm.

With each encounter, players will unlock new cards, discover powerful items, and forge unique play styles to overcome increasingly challenging foes. Whether you prefer to unleash devastating magical attacks, bolster your defenses, or employ cunning tactics, the choice is yours as you fight to prevent the Dream World’s collapse.

Are you ready to dive into the Dream World and lead Neru and her allies to victory? The fate of an entire realm rests in your hands.