The Kickstarter campaign of the most immersive VTT is still underway!

The virtual tabletop and storytelling tool Multiverse Designer, by Toopan Games, continues its campaign on Kickstarter. In its latest update Toopan Games shows how Multiverse Designer can be used to create any kind of setting, not just medieval fantasy. To showcase its creative possibilities, the studio has created a cyberpunk setting, the kind of futuristic bar where people with robotic limbs chill after a hard day hustling in the underground of your hive city of choice. You can check this new video below and find more screenshots in this link.

Multiverse Designer is a revolutionary tool for game masters and storytellers alike. With a system as intuitive as it is deep and powerful, it puts in your hands everything you’ve ever dreamed of to create amazing stories. You can design 3D setpieces from scratch with an intuitive drag-and-drop UI, and fully customize them to their finest details – from the lighting, to level layout, floor colors and textures, heights… You can then populate the places you create with adventurers, NPCs or monsters.

Multiverse Designer is also the most immersive virtual tabletop ever created, thanks to features such as the Roleplay Theater tool that brings your character to life with real-time lip-synching; or the fog of war with a dynamic light and shadow system, which makes you experience the world through your character’s eyes. 

Multiverse Designer has already reached 70% of its funding goal of $60,000 USD. The virtual tabletop is seeking the help of the community to reach its full potential. Join the Multiverse Designer campaign, subscribe to its newsletter or follow it on social media to stay up to date.

You can back Multiverse Designer on Kickstarter in this link.


Create unique stories and experiences to host and play any RPG you wish with friends utilising the immersive systems that Multiverse Designer provides where the players will only see what their character sees thanks to a dynamic light and shadow system.

From high fantasy to sci-fi, Multiverse Designer is not limited to the kind of world building you want for your gaming session thanks to the massive library of 3D assets.

Every aspect of the level design is fully customizable, from the lighting, to the level layout, the floor and roof tile colour and textures, or even the height of each environment. Multiverse Designer comes with an asset library, allowing you to create and explore your own creations and share them with other players and DMs. You can even expand your library by importing external 3D assets, resulting in limitless possibilities for your imagination to run wild and create the perfect experience.


  • Create amazing 3D setpieces with an intuitive drag-and-drop UI, supporting multiple heights, all powered by the Unreal engine
  • Make every environment unique with a vast library of hundreds of 3D assets for fantasy, sci-fi, and realistic settings 
  • Customize everything, from the textures and color of floor tiles, walls, and doors, to the temperature of light sources
  • Populate your creations with animated models of monsters and non-playable characters thanks to the Encounter Spawner tool
  • Light your scenarios with dynamic light sources (lamps, torches, fireplaces…) that create areas of shadows
  • Grow your library with imported external 3D assets
  • Use your creations as a virtual tabletop for your gaming sessions with virtual dice, character sheets, and all the tools you need for your RPG nights!
  • Create and customize a wide range of characters, from heroic adventurers and despicable villains to fearsome monsters using the Character Forge tool
  • Bring them to life using the Roleplay Theater tool, that allows lip-syncing in realtime
  • Put yourself in your character’s shoes: control your 3D model with dynamic fog of war where you see only what your character sees. 
  • Host online multiplayer RPG sessions, or use Multiverse Designer as a virtual support tool in your physical games with your friends.

Watch the full video of the Kickstarter campaign here