Shenzhen-based indie developer ChillyRoom is thrilled to announce the official launch of their atmospheric top-down action roguelike, Shadow of the Depth on Steam Early Access.

Featuring a dark, hand-drawn world and five distinct characters, players will explore an ever-changing labyrinth through an immersive combat system that challenges them to create and experiment with all the tools at their disposal.

Key Features:

Five Characters, Five Distinct Playstyles

  • Arthur, a melee warrior excelling in high defence at the expense of his agility, fights with a sword and shield, an expert in defensive manoeuvres. The son of a blacksmith, and seeking vengeance on the monsters that killed his father.
  • A ranged attacker, the archer/hunter Phyllis is able to summon a wolf, a bear, and two eagles to divert enemy attention as she attacks.
  • An enigmatic sorcerer proficient in fire, frost and lightning magics, Stephanie boasts powerful attacks at long ranges, but sacrifices survivability and agility. Able to teleport from danger at the cost of mana, she wields a magic orb.
  • A swordsman with an extended attack range, Ginzo wields a katana, and uses flashing sword slashes reminiscent of samurai.
  • Arya is an agile assassin with dual daggers, dealing high damage from up close, and as survivable as she can dodge enemy attacks. A wandering bounty hunter, often found skulking in the shadows of taverns and the lairs of monsters.

Endless Possibilities
Shadow of the Depth features randomly-generated levels, which means each new adventure is slightly different to the last. The addition of over 140 passive abilities empowers players to discover distinct builds for each one of the game’s playable characters. Each new venture into the depths will provide unique and exciting possibilities.

Deeply Rewarding Combat Mechanics
Each character in Shadow of the Depth features their own distinct array of primary and ultimate skills, underpinned by a myriad of combo options. Rhythmic combos, which task players with carefully timing their button hits, add depth to combat encounters, encouraging the mastering of all five of the game’s playable characters.

A Hand-Painted World
Hand-painted visuals help bring Shadow of the Depth’s dark and brooding world to life. Dynamic lighting adds further depth to the world, creating a tangible atmosphere which sits at the heart of every encounter.

If you’ve not yet requested a review code, please make sure you do so here. Visit the game’s Steam page here, and stay up to date on the latest developments through the developer’s official X account.