Donkey Crew in partnership with Snail inc. is excited to unveil the latest update for Bellwright today, coinciding with the game’s inclusion in the Steam Open-World Survival Crafting Fest. Steam’s latest fest, running until June 3, celebrates the struggle to beat the elements and all facets of the survival genre. The update introduces several eagerly awaited features requested by the community since the game’s Steam Early Access launch, along with numerous enhancements to gameplay and player experience.

Addressing player feedback, this latest update for Bellwright introduces significant improvements to Tier 3 buildings, enhancing overall gameplay and resource management. Additionally, various gameplay issues have been resolved, and several quality-of-life features have been refined to elevate the player experience. Bellwright fans can also enjoy new and enhanced functionalities in the update, including the two most requested features since launch, Forester & Staging Ground. 

The new Forester building introduces sustainability to wood gathering by allowing players to grow saplings and replant forests, addressing one of the top community requests since the game’s release. Additionally, the Staging Ground provides a designated area where companions can automatically stock up on both equipment and food, and await further orders, significantly improving resource management and preparation for journeys.

Players pining for something new or just interested in sprucing up their gameplay are encouraged to jump into the latest Bellwright update today and share their feedback with the dev team via Steam and Discord.

For more information, take a look at Donkey Crew’s official announcement here on Bellwright’s Steam Community Hub.