Like a lot of people I imagine, I am slowly working my way through the games on offer with PlayStation Plus Premium. I started with Stray, which I initially upgraded for and then was at a loss at what to play next, until I saw Wytchwood. I’m pretty superficial when it comes to games, I have a brief look at the artwork and the summary and that’s about it. Among the hundreds of games included with a Premium subscription, Wytchwood caught my eye.

Playing through Wytchwood is like playing through a dark fairy tale. There are lots of twists and turns and nefarious characters. Wytchwood is a partially linear story (you can choose the order that you do some bits but the outcome is always the same) which follows a little old witch who is trying to regain her memory. She has forgotten all her spells and can’t find her Grimoire. She meets a black goat in her garden who appears to have chowed down on her spell book and finds a sealed magical door, after going out and grabbing a few bits to open the door she finds a sleeping maiden and the talking goat informs her in order to get her memories back she must gather some souls who wronged the maiden.

You then head off into the world, collecting ingredients and crafting items to help people on your way whilst also collecting all of the souls you’ve been sent out to get. The games crafting mechanism is simple, pick up the ingredients from the world and then head into your inventory to craft without the need to go to a specific place. This is helpful as you will often find yourself zigzagging across the whole world just to make something.

My biggest piece of advice is pick up as many twigs as you can at every opportunity. It’s the one crafting resource I always needed in a higher supply which I never seemed to have enough of. Items that need a little extra effort to obtain were always easier to just go back and collect as and when I needed them.

My second piece of advice is if it’s not yet obvious how to get or deal with something, just continue with the storyline. Everything is revealed in time and at the right time. Don’t worry, the game doesn’t have any difficult puzzles and it will tell you how to complete certain quests.

I’ve completed the game and it took me about 10 hours but could likely be completed a bit quicker than this because I do tend to faff around. I didn’t come across any bugs whilst playing the game and it ran 100% smoothly. I enjoyed the gameplay and its aesthetics. Brightly coloured and very cute. I found it a pretty chilled experience. Not too tough, not too easy, perfect for winding down at the end of the day. If you like cozy cute games then Wytchwood is definitely one to add to your list!

Written by Clarissa.

Edited by Alexx.