It’s that time of year again when we start talking Respawning’s official Game Of The Year! Here’s a quick rundown of how it works this year..

Each content creator here at Respawning will list their Top 10 games of the year across all platforms. Each place gets awarded an amount of points depending on where they come. So for example the 10th place game gets 1 point, 9th place gets 2 points all the way up to 1st place which gets awarded 10 points, you get the idea!

Then come the end of the week we’ll add up all the scores to confirm Respawning’s official overall Top 10 and our Game Of The Year in a special video over on our YouTube channel! Next up, it’s Will!

10. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – 1 Point

Do what you can to get a PS5, even knocking people into slime

In a strange fever dream during the summer, world peace was briefly achieved as everyone put down their weapons and had a few rounds on this chaotic multiplayer experience! Memes were everywhere and you couldn’t go anywhere without watching people play this title, especially the crowds that gathered to watch Tim the Tat Man try and fail to win a crown…

9. Hunt: Showdown – 2 Points

You’ve Yee’d your last haw

Cryteks unique entry into the Battle Royale market. Hunt has hunting down giant scary beasties in a team of 3 cowboys while other groups do the same and try to kill you off as well. It’s a terrifying and unsettling experience. Luckily if you watched our streams you’ll know Lance and I found an easy way to make yourself feel safe. Pitchforks.

8. Persona 5 Royal – 3 Points

Find someone more charming… I DARE YOU

While the original passed me by totally (I’m not a JRPG player) This remaster was thrust upon me and I’m so glad it was. I had a blast as Joker and his allies busting into peoples minds and making them regret their poor actions. The phantom thieves ooze cool and this might be one of the best video game UI’s I’ve ever used.

7. Streets of Rage 4 – 4 Points

Footage from any given nightclub toilet in Coventry

Completed in one marathon session by me and Luke. We spent 4 glorious hours nursing our nostalgia together as we kicked and punched our way through the streets (of rage) Having the time of our lives learning the controls and seeing what crazy nonsense our chosen characters could pull off.

6. Deep Rock Galactic – 5 Points

Truly living the “KILL IT WITH FIRE” Lifestyle

This is a bit of an odd one that I wouldn’t expect to see on many peoples top 10 this year since it likely went under the radar. However, if you have gamepass. Get on this game! Me and my friends have had so much fun and frustration digging around alien caves looking for morkite and eggs so our team of space dwarves can get paid!

5. Ghostrunner – 6 points

Street fights got a little more advanced in 2077

I’m not really one for a challenge, prefer to find catharsis by running through games destroying everything in my path without much resistance. Though sometimes a title just makes me want to try and this year it was Ghostrunner. Maybe it was the cyberpunk style, or just the sheer speed that everything happens but this is a must play for any wannabe speed runners.

4. Star Wars Squadrons – 7 Points

“Take that medical frigate carrying sick people!”

I’ve banged on about this one a lot recently but it’s just so good for a Star Wars fan to be able to strap yourself into an X Wing and give it the beans around the galaxy as you chase down an enemy pilot! Motive really pushed the boat out here and with the new free DLC it’s an even better experience for all!

3. Doom Eternal – 8 points

Mosh pits have changed since my day.

Bit of a divisive one here within the ranks of Respawning. I’m on the love side though! A perfect follow up to the 2016 reboot of the series and an amazing way to tie together the two canons. Eternal is a brutal blast with a fantastic mixture of platforming and combat to keep you engaged from start to the blood-soaked finish.

2. Ghost of Tsushima – 9 points

Who needs arteries anyway?

Possibly one of the most beautiful open worlds ever created, the Island of Tsushima was bold and magical. Though a little bloody after a few fights. Sneaking from place to place as Jin Sakai was immensely satisfying and the progression of gear was perfect, sure there were some dull grinding moments here and there but nothing that wouldn’t soon be forgotten during your next perfect parry or duel.

1 Hades – 10 points

Ask forgiveness, not permission

Oh yes, the tippy top of the table. Hades was a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. I’ve not normally been one for Roguelite games, but this is one I just couldn’t put down. With engaging characters, tight combat and some of the most well-designed environments I’ve ever seen. Zagreus’ mission to escape the underworld is powerful and exciting and his interactions with the denizens brought no end of joy and amusement. A must play for absolutely everyone out there!