Last week Respawning’s token Juggalo Alexx wrote a piece about what he believed were the greatest cross overs in gaming. It was a decent enough list sure but as with all things in life, I looked at it and thought “I can do better” So here I am, with a large coffee fueling me and a point to prove, I’ve compiled my four favorite cross overs in video games.

Galen Marek – Soul Calibur 4

Now this list could probably have been filled by the Soul Calibur games, before Super Smash started letting everyone and their mums join the combat orgy, the Soul games had the market well and truly cornered from the second installment. Soul Calibur 4 however really took the cake… suddenly, lightsabers!

“I sense… you’re about to get f*cking bodied”

Yes, the 4th title in the weapon combat series added Yoda and Darth Vader to the mix, proving once and for all that all earthly materials are in fact made from Beskar. Now the rule I set for this list is that the cross overs MUST be from video games, so the Muppet Jedi and the most famous asthmatic aren’t allowed, however they were the only Force Wielders on the roster. Beating the arcade mode with either Jedi or Sith would unlock access to Darth Vader’s secret apprentice and star of The Force Unleashed, Galen Marek. Leaping about the map with deadly precision and an addiction to blasting lightning, Star killer (yes, he was called this before the solar system destroying weapon.) was a beast to use, and his Critical Finish being a massive Force Repulse was pretty damn satisfying too!

RYNO 8 – Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart

You might have seen this one doing the rounds on social media just before the latest adventures of the Lombax and robot launched. A staple of the Series the RYNO is an endgame power weapon, either hidden behind a gigantic price tag or some arbitrary collectable quest. Normally it fires an unending stream of missiles and bullets, however, sometimes it’ll launch something a little more exciting and the 8th iteration is perhaps the wildest yet.

Yeah there’s no harm in bringing THIS into my universe

The RYNO 8 can be upgraded right after buying it and it is definitely in your best interests to do so. Upgrading allows this Rift launching weapon to pull various items and creatures from across the universe, including Thunder jaws from Horizon Zero Dawn, Sly Cooper and even Nathan Drakes Jeep! Most of the drops can be hard to spot in the chaos of battle but when you do see what is wiping out your enemies, it’s sure to make you smile.

Geralt of Riva – Monster Hunter: World

Mr. Of Riva gets around, doesn’t he? I had a couple of options to chose from when it comes to the white wolf and what games he likes to show up in. Since I’d already given a slot to Soul Calibur, and because I can already feel Alexx’s burning gaze after I annoyed him with my knowledge of Soul series crossover characters, Let’s talk about Geralt’s adventures in the Monster Hunter Universe.

Geralt here explaining why yes he DOES need another bath scene

A no brainer really in having the legendary monster hunter turn up in… Monster Hunter, Geralt drops out of a portal, voices his distain for such then hangs out with you as you quest with him, even altering the UI during conversations to match the style of The Witcher 3. Sure the game had other cross overs with costumes based on Aloy, Dante and even Ryu, but none of them added the same level of detail or reflected the same passion as the Witcher add on. It might even be the best part of a game that was incredible to begin with!

Isaac Clake – Skate 3

What better way to relax after dealing with a space virus bent on turning you into an extra from a John Carpenter film. Than to shred it a little on the streets? That’s right, engineer and possessor of the mightiest curb stomp of all time, Isaac Clarke dropped the plasma cutter and picked up a skateboard to ollie his way into Skate 3.

Yes we need to stop the Brethren Moon, but first check out this kick flip

This happened and we as a species all allowed it to happen. And why? Because it was rad! Sometimes a crossover doesn’t need to mess with mechanics or be an integral part of a game, sometimes it just needs to be a silly reskin that makes you smile as you watch a man more suited to battling necromorphs in dark corridors full of spam, than skating down a quarry and knocking into a pole testicles first. Let’s all agree, sometimes its fun to just let video games be video games!

That’s it then, that’s my list in response to dear Alexx’s, let me know what you think and if there are any other gaming crossovers that blow your minds! Be sure to check out Alexx’s article too and anything else on this site that tickles your fancy.

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