Well well well, what a few days it’s been eh? It’s basically the coolest thing to E3 we could have with a rampant pillaging virus doing the rounds and I honestly say, it didn’t disappoint. Of course, we didn’t get anything quite as memorable as “You’re Breath-taking!” but I don’t think I’m the only man who didn’t miss the noisy crowds cutting over the start of every single trailer and segment revealed to us. There was plenty for us to digest over these days and I felt like I would take time out of my busy schedule of watching classic cartoons and forcing my girlfriend to watch classic cartoons, to talk about what I loved most from this years virtual E3!

Halo Infinite

This has been a roller coaster development. The first Infinite trailer we got was shocking, well scratch that, it was hard to watch but not awful. Since then though devs 343 have gone out of their way to make sure every other information release gives hope, rather than takes it. All that work has paid off and now Halo Infinite is the most anticipated Halo game since 4 and with good reason, it looks gorgeous, the open world seems fascinating and the latest dump of story info seems intriguing to say the least!

Battlefield 2042

A lesson in giving the people what they want! DICE first of all gave us a cinematic trailer jam packed with Easter eggs and references to the madness of the series multiplayer lobbies with rocket ejects and killing choppers with ATVs. Then a few days later we were treated to a gameplayer trailer detailing some fairly huge changes coming to the latest instalment, such as R6 style operators rather than classes, and a complete removal of the story mode! You can bet your bottom dollar that we here at Respawning will be covering this pretty intensely come its release in October.


I bloody love Arkane Studios, and yes I meant that pun. The Dishonored devs are back once again, not just with the Highly anticipated Deathloop but now with what appears to be a multiplayer Co-op shooter, featuring a bunch of god damn vampires! From the looks of the trailer there will be plenty of fun to be had with your mates blasting away the undead with a mixed bag of skills, gadgets and supernatural powers. Plus, one of the characters has a robot so you know, I’m kind of happy.

Tribes of Midgard

Yeah yeah Will likes Vikings, I get it! Anyway, Tribes of Midgard looks like a wonderful fusion between Diablo and the surprise hit of the last year Valheim. A top down multiplayer game of Vikings looting and building all in a beautiful Cel-shaded world! Tribes of Midgard looks beautiful and exactly the type of game I could happily sink hours into with a few good friends and a few more good ales.

Sea of Thieves: A Pirates Life

In what seems to be an absolute no brainer move… Rare revealed that open world Pirate adventure Sea of Thieves would be crossing over with Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean! Jack Sparrow is taking a sabbatical to visit the Sea of Thieves and brings with him, adventure, Mr Gibbs and a showdown with the tentacle faced Davy Jones who can famously summon the kraken, a foe pirates of Rare’s title are all too familiar with. The Update seems to be the most story focused part of the game yet with proper cutscenes to boot so hopefully I should be able to convince a few of my old crew mates back to the Diddly Wiggler (don’t ask).

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

In a shocking turn of events, Square Enix are STILL trying to get Avengers to work. Even though some of the most stalwart of fans have already given up hope. Luckily, the upcoming Black Panther update was over shadowed immensely by the revelation that The Guardians of the Galaxy are getting their own title, and thank the gods, its single player… Taking the role of team leader Star-Lord it looks like you’ll be having a massive adventure across the cosmos with the wacky team mates we have all come to love thanks to the MCU.

There we have it, my round up of the things getting me the most hype from this years E3! Is there anything that got you particularly excited? Let us know in the comments below!