It’s finally happening! Dragonball FighterZ season 3 is starting at the end of the month, and obviously I couldn’t be happier, even if I discovered I was able to use a Kaio Ken!

The trailer dropped over the weekend and gave us a look at one new dramatic finish starring Goku, Frieza and Jiren, and immediately after we were treated to gameplay footage of new character, Ultra Instinct Goku. Sure, it’s another variance of the orange clad Sayian but he IS the leading man after all. With such drastic gameplay differences between each of the current Kakarots, it’s safe to say that this new version will still feel very much like a new and fresh character rather than what we’ve already seen just with different hair.

A neat surprise after watching the new Goku was seeing that Potara fusion, and relationship shipping target, Kefla is joining the fight too. With a mixed bag of insane moves and some of the coolest looking energy going, she looks to be coming in and mixing things up nicely! I could wax lyrical now about my excitement for these two but what I really want to talk about are the 3 remaining fighters in this upcoming pass. No reveals just yet, but there is already no end to speculation among the fans. Luckily, I have my own platform here to preach my thoughts on who could be jumping in to fill in these gaps, so sit back kids while I stand on my soap box and give you the speeching of a lifetime!


We’ve all been started on by some dude who looks like this anyway…

Jiren’s superior (though weaker), leader of the Universe 11 Pride Troopers and sporter of the finest push broom facial hair in all animation, Top is a meat tank warrior introduced during the Tournament of Power arc in Dragonball Super and is shown to be more than a match for the heroes even in their strongest forms. With Kefla and UI Goku being introduced, it makes a lot of sense for the Tournament characters train to keep on going and Top is a fan favourite. His battle with Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta is one of the best in the series and endeared a fair few of us to the character, who when first introduced didn’t really do much for anyone.

Top was originally just a scale for us to understand how strong Jiren was meant to be, but during the battle royale he proved time and time again to be a thorn in the stronger warrior’s side. Not to mention that later in the battle he unveils his “God of destruction” form and begins dominating the field! This transformation could easily be part of the Pride Troopers ultimate attack like DBS Broly and his Legendary Super Saiyan transformation, dealing heavy damage and leaving him with a decent buff to finish off any fighters left standing! If all that wasn’t enough to convince you, just look at his design! Imagine that model coming at you in game! Those meaty fists! He’s a beast and would mix up the game in a fresh and most likely brutal way!

“You see Frieza, you’re not dealing with the average Mustached warrior anymore”

BOJACK (Not the horse one)

Space Pirates be stylin’ yo

Here’s a character most people seem to forget about. Bojack has the misfortune of being the movie villain immediately after Broly, so basically, he didn’t mean jack to pretty much the entire fanbase. However, this didn’t stop him being a ridiculously cool looking super powered space pirate!

Bojack appears after the Cell Saga during an “intergalactic Tournament” hosted on earth. He and his gang, “The Galaxy Soldiers” take on the Z fighters. Though he isn’t particularly present during the bulk of the battle, his soldiers fear of him and his power sets him up to be a fairly thrilling antagonist! Bojack proves his might later by transforming into his own super powered state similar to a Super Saiyan and dominating a golden haired Gohan. Sure, he loses, as is the way for DBZ villains, but he made an impact. It’s easy to imagine his fighting style being quite like Ginyu in game, using his men to come in and attack for his supers. This sort of combat is always fun and interesting to watch and would help separate Mr. Bo from the other meaty powerhouses of the game. Speaking of…

So far, FighterZ has included most of the Super Saiyan era movie villains, (in fact Bojack is one of only two not to show), so it’d make a lot of sense for the pirate to finally make his grand entrance that most games deny him. It could lead to some very interesting intro dialogues with teen Gohan too, so I’d like the blue/green menace to strap on his bandanna and bring his best!

“What? I’m nothing like Broly! see?! I’m green!”


Those kids would be on his lawn for the last time!

Now I know what you’re thinking, great idea right?! Roshi has had a renaissance in the Super era, apparently having trained in secret for years, the old Turtle Hermit has once again become a force to be reckoned with!

Roshi is brought to the Tournament of power over other available fighters like Yamcha and Chaitozu. This doesn’t exactly sell him I know since those two are basically nothing, but it shows that even after their significant power creeps during Z, Roshi is still more powerful, comparable to the likes of Tien, Krillin and Piccolo. In FighterZ he could be a very entertaining fighter since his combat style is a very mixed bag of powerful strikes and crazy moves like the Thundershock Surprise and the infamous Mafuba! Imagine that too, a finisher like the Mafuba having Roshi insta kill his foe, only to nearly die himself? It’s like the Android 16 self-destruct but less…explosive? The old man would be a nice addition to the game bulking up the roster of weaker yet more interesting characters like Videl, Krillin and Piccolo. None of these fighters have particularly spectacular super attacks, but their basic attack strings are incredibly fun to watch and end with some very satisfying combo finishers, MAX POWER Kamehameha anyone?!

Peaceful, serene, fighin’ machine!