A little while ago I gave up on Destiny; in fact I even wrote an article about how I’d never go back because Activision were being greedy fucks and overcharging for DLC… However, I’m famously a hypocrite, so here, have an article where I admit I was wrong and I just reloaded Destiny onto my hard drive.

…Although the DLC antics and weak overall plot of the game are obviously a touchy subject, the actual gameplay itself is pretty solid, gunplay (which is probably pretty key to a FPS game) has a certain weight to it, making each weapon feel like it packs a real punch, particularly the game’s selection of Hand Cannons which hit your enemies like a truck! Of course the power of the guns is massively outstripped by the power of your Guardian’s… Erm … Power! Thanks to the floating orb, The Traveller, the player controlled Guardians can unleash some pretty devastating abilities that can easily turn the tide of any battle!

Upon restarting the game I was suddenly thrust into several new missions that had come from an abundance of updates since my last obsession! It took a while to sift through all of the new objectives and random cosmetic items I’d earned, most of it was just tat I guess, stuff I never wanted or would have asked for but hey, some people out there love pretty looking garbage! I thought I’d better get things going slowly, heading to the low levelled European Dead Zone (which is probably what the EU will eventually end up calling England; how’d you like that bit of political comedy?), I milled around for a while with no goal whatsoever, but eventually got back into the rhythm of things laying out alien bastards all over the ruined forests with my myriad of powerful guns and equally powerful biceps; that’s not a brag about my real life…I play as a Titan, their entire thing is being hench as fuck!

For real, they are the only class who throw punches. There’s not much in gaming more satisfying than twatting some giant space rhino so hard in the face that it actually dies! Of course there is a reason I’ve switched back to Destiny from the other games in my collection; the new DLC is coming next month.

Shadowkeep will see the Guardians of Earth heading back to the Moon to confront yet another threat from the space zombies known as the Hive! I mean really? Why do we even want the Moon? It’s a pointless dead rock! Let the Hive keep it! Whatever; either way the top brass of Earth have decided take back the Moon and give the Hive one hell of a space spanking (with missiles and lightning fists).

The biggest selling point of his pack to me is the slim chance that we’ll be getting a little more backstory on Hive obsessed Guardian Eris Morn. With her three glowing eyes and mysterious demeanour, she’s been an enigma since she first appeared way back in The Dark Below DLC from Destiny 1. In fact since the opening of 2 she’s been MIA with a few background characters bringing up her absense, and a tape left by series favourite, and obligatory Nolan North role, Cayde-6. As creepy as she is, I’ve been missing her bleak outlook and constant Hive claims.

There are a few things coming in the pack like 2 new strikes, new weapons, armour sets and rideable sparrows all based on the new environment. Let’s face it though, what the community really wants are things that should have been fixed in standard updates. As a casual player all I can hope is that the loot rates have been fixed and my life doesn’t all come down to an obsessive and tedious grind; that’s part of the reason I hopped jumpship and gave up originally, if I stopped playing for any longer than a week I’d fall behind so drastically that I just couldn’t pick myself back up! Sure there were a few fun times when Luke and me got back on together and just played for fun… But damn the game is difficult to get into without that social side of things! 

I can’t wait to get back to defending the solar system from the many enemies humanity seems to have in this universe! Give me a big gun, some armour, and fists charged with lightning and I’ll sort this shit out! 

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