It’s more or less certain now that we’ll be getting a new Batman Arkham game coming from the team at WB Montreal who made the amazing – yet slightly forgotten and overlooked – Arkham Origins. Based on swiftly deleted tweets and leaking photos it seems like the title of this mystery instalment will be Batman: Arkham Court, the bat-minded among you man notice that this title seems to be leaning towards the classic Court of Owls story line.

Of course Batman is nothing without his classic rogues gallery, and the Arkhamverse is teaming with villains for the Dark Knight to take down, so with Halloween fast approaching and me having a writing deadline to hit, I’m here to list a few of the villains I’d like to see crop up in this next instalment. so in no particular order, and with no Joker appearances… Let’s get started.

10. Deathstroke

My idea here is that Arkham Court should be a prequel, using the many years of Batman’s crusade on crime to flesh out this universe a little more. Deathstoke was a key player in Arkham Origins, an assassin hired by “Black Mask” to kill the bat. He gives you arguably the hardest single fight in the series and I can think of no one more likely to be used by the Court of Owls to test Bruce’s abilities. The terminator (no not that one) is a favourite of Bat-fans the world over but really I would like to see him come into the picture to maybe deal with a young Dick Grayson while he serves as the first Robin.

Since Deathstroke is really better known as an enemy of the Teen Titans who are of course lead by a young Grayson before he becomes the Nightwing we’ve seen in previous Arkhamverse games.

9. Hush

Okay so hear me out, I know that Arkham City showed us Batman and Hush’s first actual interaction as foes, but I would really like to see some interactions between Bruce Wayne and Thomas Elliott before the latter became the face stealing psycho doctor Hush. Maybe we can see some subtle hints to the animosity that Thomas carries towards Bruce with the worlds greatest detective being apparently oblivious! Only the audience would be aware of what Elliot has in store in the future and wouldn’t that just be spooky as hell? It’d be sure to put a few people on edge!

8. Prometheus

The reverse Batman, after watching his criminal parents get gunned down by the police the young Prometheus grew up into a master warrior with his targets being any and all lawmen. Using an advanced war suit and cybernetic enhancements, this cop-killing lunatic claims to be the “God of Forethought” and insists he can think of 10 different ways to take down each member of the Justice League, exactly the sort of man the Court might think to use to distract Bruce. A fight between the two would be deliciously perfect with their similar origins but completely separate outlooks and methods.

7. Riddler

Edward Nygma has been in every Arkham Game so far, there to set you challenges and riddles to make the open world a little more interesting to explore. Not much of the formula needs to be changed but really I’d like him to take a little more precedence in the plot. Keep the trophies and challenges but let’s finally showcase the master of riddles as a legitimate threat in the game rather than just a nuisance to be eventually stopped, when you can be bothered to get round to it. Some of the best interpretations of Riddler showcase him as a cruel and twisted psychopath rather than just some kind of less clownish Joker, I would love to see a snapped and cruel Arkhamverse Riddler!

6. KGBeast

He’s big, red and mean. KGBeast is a strange character since with his name and almost mocking love of all things Russia, you’d think he might be a comedy character. You’d be wrong though. Mr Beast is just as his name implies. He’s a monster of a man with incredible fighting skills and incredible accuracy with all firearms. During his first appearance in the new canon, the Russian tank came to Gotham and using a little trickery managed to get Nightwing where he wanted him and shot him in the head! Kicking off the events of the Court of Owls’ latest run! So really it only makes sense that he shows up in the game early on to get us underway.

5. Captain Boomerang

Another strange pick, but really I think there’s a lot that can be done with Digger Harkness to make him a legitimate threat to the Dark Knight. The Australian criminal would make for an interesting most wanted side mission similar to Deadshot in Arkham City. Already being canon in the Arkhamverse thanks to the Assault on Arkham animated film makes his appearance fairly easy to explain. The simplest excuse for him being on this list though? I really want to watch Batman jumping around dodging boomerangs! 

4. Vandal Savage

A friggin’ immortal caveman who got his powers from a glowing space rock that isn’t kryptonite, need I say more? I guess I should really. Vandal would be interesting to see in this universe, seeing as Batman has had a fair few run-ins with Ra’s Al Ghul and is well aware of the threat an immortal with no morals can be. It would be cool to see Vandal as an adviser of sorts too, seeing as he’s been alive for over 10,000 years and would probably have a good idea of exactly who the Court of Owls are and what their goals would be, an ally who turns traitor maybe?

3. Two Face

I don’t actually want Two Face showing up, I want Harvey Dent. I want to see the close working relationship between Batman, Jim Gordon and Harvey Dent as they try to take out crime in Gotham. Maybe the Court will take notice? Maybe their response will lead to the infamous moment of acid being thrown over Mr Dent’s left side? If the game take the prequel angle I’m assuming it will then this is exactly the kind of set up and pay off that I would love to witness. Perhaps he’ll get attacked at the half way point and becomes a villain to be stopped later on in the game, watching that evolution would be horrifying and might finally make the Arkhamverse Two Face worth something.

2. Killer Moth

Killer Moth is a bit of a joke really. With his wacky costume and inability to ever succeed. He’s that guy you expect to see Batman drop before he even gets to the real threat. However, with all that said, let me draw your attention to another character with a similar wacky background, Calendar Man. Julian Day was nothing but a joke and a stupid rogue made to be easily put away by the bat, but just look at the interpretation we got from the Arkhamverse. Gritty, violent and terrifying. there could be a lot done to make Killer Moth a legitimate nightmare to the people of Gotham and I for one think it’s about time he got his chance in the spotlight.

1. Talon

Don’t know who this is? I don’t blame you, though I also encourage you to check out the Court of Owls again! Talon is on of THE Talons. A team of assassins used by the Court to take out people who they deem in need of a good killing. On his first appearance Talon, also known as William Cobb, Manages to push the Batman to his limits. Even though he loses the fight, his ability to recover, thanks to the Electrum in his blood, means he’s back and fighting in no time. With enhanced strength, speed and durability he’s a truly Terrifying weapon of the old Court and its even more shocking when you know… He’s one of many!

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