The most recent season of Stranger Things has wrapped up with two epically long episodes, packing in a lot. We saw our favourite characters return once again to fight against the evils of the Upside Down and sat on the edge of our seats as our old favourites’ lives hung on the line. However, it was newcomer Eddie Munson who really stole the show this season.

Eddie Munson is played by Britain’s own Joseph Quinn and it’s safe to say that he stole fans’ hearts. We are introduced to Eddie as the DnD Dungeon Master of the Hellfire Club. He rules with an iron fist. No excuses: if you’re not there the campaign must go on. Eddie is your typical non-comformist metalhead who at the beginning of the season is seen calling out all the popular groups at school, but who secretly has a heart of gold, which is evident in the way he treats cheerleader and popular girl Chrissy when she comes to him for help.

Joseph Quinn summed up why we all love Eddie so much when talking to The Hollywood reporter. Stating that Eddie had something to prove to himself:

“I think that’s such a big part of Eddie’s story. It’s a redemption tale. I think he’s completely haunted by his inability to do anything to save Chrissy and how powerless he was at that moment. And obviously being blamed for that murder is devastating and then having to go into hiding. I think he gets a little bored with feeling pathetic and unable to do anything. And then at some point in episode 8, a switch flips, and he decides that he’s going to prove himself. The opportunity then arises, but he has to pay the ultimate price. But he proves to himself that he certainly isn’t a coward.”

And whilst it broke many of our hearts to see that redemption tale play out, there are many fans out there hoping to see Eddie return in the final season… And it would appear that Quinn would be open to that. In an interview with Radio Times, he admitted to talking with Joe Keery (aka Steve “The Hair” Harrington) on ways that Eddie might make a return in the final season:

“Maybe I’d be a figment of Gaten’s imagination or something like that if there could be some room for something a bit supernatural.”

Fans of the show have their own ideas on how to bring back our beloved Eddie Munson.

Tiktok user @.dizay posted a pretty popular fan theory which was then expanded on by @paulruddfanclub

It goes as follows: Kas the Bloody-Handed was a revived lieutenant of Vecna’s who betrayed and killed him in Dungeons & Dragons. Kas was a vampire.

Eddie was bitten by demobats, and we all know that standard lore states that bat bites can turn people into vampires. 

However some fans have noted that Steve Harrington was also bitten by the demobats. We can assume that Steve is safe though, as traditional vampire lore requires you to pass away first and Steve remains very much living for now. On the other hand, Eddie did die and would therefore be set up for a vampire-like return. There are some fans who suggest that Eddie’s bat tattoos hint at this very scenario.

As fun as this theory is – and it seems plausible – I’m sad to say that the lovely Eddie Munson is in fact gone. The Duffer Brothers confirmed this in the Happy Sad Confused Podcast. Unfortunately, I think this is likely, as there was a reference that Kas was the one to kill Venca way back at the beginning of the season and Kas is supposedly a lieutenant of Venca. It follows therefore that Kas is much more likely to be someone like Will or Eleven, who have a closer relationship with Vecna.

Ultimately, whatever happens at least we had Eddie this season. A big ‘thank you’ to the Duffer Brothers and Joseph Quinn for bringing the character to life.