Ed Boon is a master of teasing. Not in a fun bedroom sort of way either, more like poisoning you then teasing you with the potential cure…

For years he has been the head honcho of Netherrealm Studios (formally Midway) the team behind the iconic and brutal Mortal Kombat franchise. Since social media became a thing he has made it his mission to tease and hint and new characters and game updates, seemingly revelling in the frothing mouths of rapid gamers hoping for their favourite character to be added to the games. Even when bogged down by the tried and tested meme of “When Mileena?” which has taken hold like the very jaws of said beastie babe.

So no doubt when Mr. Boon shared some images of GLASSES OF F*CKING MILK! The internet jumped on it so hard the ground swallowed them up. Simply because the game dev… had video game inspired glasses. Since one of the cups had the Street Fighter logo, speculation went into overdrive with people guessing this could be another guest character coming to MK11, maybe Ryu? Guile? Cammy?! AKUMA?! The comments were rife with guesswork and theories that would put a doomsday prepper to shame.

Village people gritty reboot

All of this got me thinking though, there IS a good chance that another update will come to MK11 bringing yet more fighters to the fold, and its even more likely that one of them will be another guest character. So, I put on my own tin foil hat and started trying to decide who would make the most blood spattering impact on this series.

Mortal Kombat 10 seemed to lean heavily on horror movie guest appearances with the Alien, Predator, Leatherface and Jason Voorhees all bringing the hurt in their own gross ways. 11 however, seems more interest in paper and has given us 2 comic book characters so far, The Joker and Spawn. So maybe another comic character is due? NetherRealm have a bonus of working closely with Warner Brothers and being the team behind the exemplary Injustice series. This makes me hope they might reach into the sack of DC fighters and pluck out a warrior who is both skilled and famously violent…I’m hoping we see Deathstroke!

“Call me Deadpool 1 more time…”

First appearing back in 1980, Deathstroke is a common enemy of the Teen Titans and sometimes Batman. Though most famous is his rivalry with former Robin and current Nightwing, Dick Grayson. Slade Wilson is a hard as nails enhanced solider with amazing strength, intelligence and agility, as master of sword combat and pretty much every gun he can get his hands on. A real challenge even for the Dark Knight. Slade would be an amazing addition to a roster already packed with larger than life warriors and soldiers. Deathstroke would cut a mean form and likely have some unbelievably brutal fatalities and brutalities!

This will ring a few bells for sure

It isn’t like he would be too hard to set up anyway, Since Slade appeared in the first Injustice already, a game which, while a few years old now, still shares plenty of similarities with Mortal Kombat 11. Most of the leg work has been done! He just needs to polish those weapons and his adorable little mask before he can mess with the brutal boys of the MK universe.

Can’t unsee the suspicious eyes on his knee…

Frankly, I doubt Mr. Wilson will appear, since there are only so many spaces and Slade’s appearance might take away from the impact of Mr. J already being there. A man can hope though right? Maybe I should take to Twitter and next time Ed Boon posts anything at all, I can hit the comments with “When Deathstroke?”