I said in my favourite albums of 2023 ranking that this year has been one of the best years for music releases of my life. That said, I have a strong feeling that 2024 is going to beat it by some considerable margin. The reason for this is because every artist who released my favourite album of each year between 2017 and 2022 have projects lined up to release in the next twelve months!

Music is such a massive and important part of my life that I can’t help but write about it at every opportunity. This week I’m going to look forward and talk about each upcoming record, and why I can’t wait to listen to them.

2022 – Lyte – Metamorphosis

Upcoming Album – Full Force

Lyte does not miss! I knew from Metamorphosis’ release day last year that it was going to take some beating to not win album of the year, and sure enough it never dropped its crown.

Announcing his return to rap on New Year’s Day 2022 after a near five year break upon becoming a father, as well as founding his own label Monstar Entertainment; 2022 was the year to be a Lyte fan, and it paid off.

Lyte confirmed on Thanksgiving 2023 that Full Force is officially completed, so hopefully we’ll be listening to it very early in 2024!

2021 – G-Mo Skee – The Filth Element

Upcoming Album – Huckleberry Filth

I was absolutely convinced Cabal’s The Watchers would be my album of 2021, but right at the end of the year G-Mo Skee came along and whipped that title away, the scoundrel. His recent return to Majik Ninja Entertainment is one I couldn’t be happier to see, and while I confess I went into The Filth Element expecting some juicy MNE disses, I was very pleasantly surprised to hear nothing but respect for his old label mates.

G-Mo Skee has a gruff and dark yet cleverly comedy tinged delivery that make almost all his tracks instantly memorable, and the unmistakeable passion and superb writing from The Filth Element, bolstered by hugely entertaining music videos, made this an easy choice for my favourite album of 2021. Not enough rappers put as much effort into their videos as G-Mo does, so I’m waiting with bated breath to see what forms the upcoming Huckleberry Filth videos will arrive in.

2020 – Alla Xul Elu – MauXuleum

Upcoming Album – Gods of Evil Rise

After what feels like an eternity since the last album by the A.X.E one of the most currently anticipated underground albums, produced by the legendary Mike E. Clarke: Gods of Evil Rise, is releasing in 2024.

The Xul boys have said previously in an interview with KG Kevin Gill when asked what ‘Alla Xul Elu’ means or stands for, that the name translates directly into ‘Gods of Evil Rise’. This being the closest the unholy trinity have come to releasing a self-titled project can only indicate that they expect this to be one for the ages, and after the peerless quality of MauXuleum, the new project is sure to be one to forever stand the test of time.

2019 – Twiztid – Generation Nightmare

Upcoming Album – Untitled rock project

I never expected Fearless Fred Fury to be topped as my favourite album of the year, but Twiztid pulled it off. Not only was Generation Nightmare my favourite album of 2019, it is still to this day my favourite ever Twiztid project.

I’m excited for their new as yet publically untitled rock project as so many of my all-time go-to Twiztid tracks are their rock songs, like Bella Morte, Wreck, Phlegm in the Windpipe and Corkscrew.

2021’s Unlikely Prescription was a good start for a full length rock only project, but I have a feeling the next one will have more of a flavour which only Twiztid can bring.

2018 – The Underground Avengers – Anomaly 88

Upcoming Album – Inferno / Hellfire(?)

I can’t find the announcement anywhere from last year that announced The Underground Avengers would release a new full length album in 2023 (now probably 2024), or even what it was called, but I can state with no hesitation whatsoever that it’s long overdue and I couldn’t be more ready. Anomaly 88 is one of my default albums I’ll play back to back when I’m in the mood for some non-horrorcore rap. There’s still plenty of darkness to be found on the album, but compared to other music I regularly listen to, this is on the tamer side.

2017 – Lyte – Psychopathic Monstar

Upcoming Album – Full Force

Yes, both of Lyte’s albums were my favourites of the years they released in; even more reason why I’m so excited for Full Force!

I could carry this list on but I don’t know if Dawn of Ashes, who released my favourite album of 2016, Theophany, have anything planned for next year. It’s also anyone’s guess if Insane Clown Posse will drop their highly anticipated next Joker’s Card next year, and I’m only bringing that up again as The Missing Link: Lost was my favourite album of 2015.

That’ll do it for my list of reasons why 2024 will be the biggest year for music (of my life(so far)), and who knows, maybe I’ll add to the potency with an album release of my own. Time will tell on that front, so in the meantime thanks for reading and I’ll catch you again next week with my top five games of the year!

Written and edited by Alexx.