It’s Star Wars day, and it’s also my day to contribute to the site… I promise I didn’t plan this! I had to have a little think on what to write about, seeing as there isn’t much media from the galaxy far far away that I haven’t already covered… So, I guess it’s time I spoke about something new! How about the newest available content?! The Bad Batch. Now it’s important to note off the bat, I haven’t seen the freshly released show yet, but that hasn’t stopped me telling anyone who will listen that they should go out and watch it asap. Of course, I’ll watch and praise anything Star Wars related even if its god awful in reality (looking at you Rise of Skywalker) So maybe I’m not the fairest judge but come on… It’s the Bad Batch! Clone Force 99!

Its like the A team, just better in every way…

The Bad Batch first appeared in The Clone Wars animated series, an idea pitched by series creator George Lucas that was then fleshed out by lead writer and Star Wars Messiah Dave Filloni to fit the universe he had created with this 3D series. Though they were meant to appear in the series’ sixth season, the fates conspired to end the run early and for a time, deprive us of what could have been the coolest part of the series. Luckily when Disney noticed the fan demand to properly end the wars, we were gifted with the 7th and final season which finally let us meet the team of misfit clones.


“Rambo? never heard of him”

The team leader, a Rambo homage with the beneficial mutation allowing him to sense the presence of electromagnetic frequencies so he can trace an enemy location, often better than official maps! A bad ass with knives, Hunter cuts through droids like butter! So far he’s been shown to be an excellent leader and tactician making the best use of his strange band of allies!


“what do you mean he drew on my face?!”

My fellow Respawning team member Lance has made it clear that he LOVES the team sniper Crosshair. With enhanced eyesight he can blast the wings off a Mynock at 5 miles! I have to admit he might be my least favourite of the team but only due to his attitude problem, he’s a moody man but I guess it all suits his style as a bit of a lone wolf even among a pack. Though there is no arguing he has some of the coolest moments shown yet, that corridor shot for example… *chefs kiss*


Pretty sure this dude got wrecked in Predator…

The team nerd! Tech is the man with the skills needed for a mission to succeed, even if it isn’t in the most spectacular way. His incredible intellect thanks to his mutation makes him a genius beyond anyone else shown in the series and he puts these talents to use hacking separatist systems and coming up with intricate plans, then executing them. Noticeably too, he’s still pretty tasty in a fight, so this geek doesn’t skip out on training.


Will – “No I DON’T see a resemblance

My personal favourite. Wrecker is a gigantic lummox who just loves to, as his name suggests, wreck things. Coming in hot with incredible super human strength, this huge clone is even shown to be able to lift the wreckage of an LAAT/i like its nothing! Strong boy huh?! Compound all that with his fun loving and generally outgoing personality and you’ve got the heart of the team right here.


Sure I Miss the hand, but this makes IKEA furniture a breeze”

Now here is where things get a little more vague, Echo joins The Bad Batch at the end of their arc in the Clone Wars, so for now we have no idea what his role will actually be in this new team. After being captured by the CIS he was cyberized and shoved into the heart of a computer to provide tactical analysis to the Separatists, luckily he was found and freed by his good friend Rex and he used his new metal parts to help the Republic outsmart their enemy and win the day. So to seems like Echo might be filling the role of the team tactician? But I suppose we’ll have to wait and see!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m raring to go with this new series and you can be sure to see my thoughts coming soon just as soon as I sit down and watch!!