Blade & Soul: Revival is planned for North America and Europe in Q3 of this year. The free update, which will upgrade the in-game engine to Unreal Engine 4, goes beyond just graphical and performance upgrades to the Asian-themed fantasy MMO. Blade & Soul: Revival will add new improvements – from Dungeon changes to combat system upgrades, to being able to change class, more will be revealed leading up to the update’s release in Q3 of this year. Follow for the latest updates.

Some of the key features revealed so far for Blade & Soul: Revival include:

  • Class Changing – With new character class releases, shifting player metas, and other considerations in mind, Blade & Soul: Revival is implementing a new system, which would allow players the freedom to change classes and class-exclusive items. This system will be available to new and veteran players; the goal is to increase play options for everyone, while keeping balance in check.
  • Responsive Dungeon Combat System – In the quest to make Blade & Soul a more immersive MMO experience, the Responsive Dungeon Combat system will give players instant feedback for battle heroics. Pulling off a skill combo is crucial in Blade & Soul, and this system will emphasize that to players in real time by way of on-screen animations. This goes beyond DPS as well; joint attacks, party protection, and other synergies will also receive the same positive feedback when well executed.
  • Dungeon Difficulty System – Adding elite end-game dungeons turned into a short-term solution for players craving the most difficult Blade & Soul content. After completing it once, grinding it for gear became chore-like and didn’t recapture that same elated feeling of victory on subsequent clears. Blade & Soul will add a new dungeon difficulty system, expanding on the previous 3 levels that are currently in the game. The goal is to create more dynamic experiences to challenge players on subsequent playthroughs.

And more! Blade & Soul: Revival will also have a host of other improvements. From the graphical/lighting advances provided by Unreal Engine 4, to improved loading and network optimization, to UI improvements, every aspect of Blade & Soul is being considered for improvement. Keep track of upcoming Revival updates by visiting