I was Watching YouTube earlier and a memory was unlocked for about a game and it made me think of this quite frankly daft reason I stopped playing Conan Exile. I am a fan of Conan the Barbarian and have been since I was a kid, Arnold is awesome in this swords and sorcery movie so much so that I have gone back and read the original pulp stories, Conan the Cimmerian by Robert E Howard, I watched a film about his life and adored Conan the adventurer (the 90’s cartoon, so a video game and me was a no brainer.

Conan Exiles had a promising concept large open world create your own character and run around in an MMO style land finding other players and having your own band of thieves, the bragged an impressive character creation too…unless you where on Xbox which is where I gained a code to play this game. the game its self was…well I don’t really know to be honest I played maybe 2 hours and died a whole bunch and I stopped playing because I knew I wasn’t getting the full experience of this game and the fact I wasn’t allowed to change the size of my characters DONG just wound me up…like it was in all the news about the game it was in the demo I experienced at EGX London the year the game was released there was articles in print and on the internet where people where talking about this game where you could have the most ridiculous member swinging between your legs or the comically small peen…and it not being an option to has visual hilarity any time i wanted just made playing the game pointless for me so i stopped playing and uninstalled the game. all because the Xbox version didn’t allow me the make my character have a massive cock or balloon sized breasts. I don’t even know why it bothered me all that much either that’s not something I look for in games at all but it was a gimmick that attracted me to it and it wasn’t fucking there!


Okay so with this one, I have to admit that I was being a big baby over video games and this is a proper “take my ball home so nobody can play” moment like we had in our childhoods… with the problematic element being that I was 30 years of age.

My ridiculous reason that I stopped playing a game comes with Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance. I started a coop playthrough with some friends and whilst we struggled to organise the next session some of the team went and played on… which impacted my game 0% (I mean how dare people play the game they bought) so did I handle this like a 30 year old adult? Did I fuck. I threw all of my toys out of the pram and uninstalled the game never playing it again… ruining, as it turned out, ONLY my enjoyment.


Oh boy.. It feels like half of my gaming experiences ended in an entitled tantrum between 1999 and 2023 2013 so this topic is second nature to me. That said, the example for today’s feature is my experience with a much more recent game: Pokémon Violet. To say this game released buggy is an understatement. Graphical issues, texture pop-in and the camera often falling through the floor all compounded on top of each other to make me lose interest in an entire Pokémon generation in record time.

This isn’t the reason I packed in the game altogether however. As it turns out, after going back and playing more of Violet with a lot of the issues patched out, it has laid bare how bland and uninteresting the game truly is. The bugs, perversely, were the interesting bit so now they’re gone, so am I. Unquestionably, the worst Pokémon generation of all time.