No Let’s Talk last week nor this week?! Well that’s because we’re introducing another Friday feature. Last week we introduced Get of the Fence and this week is the first edition of ‘Unpopular Opinion’.

Everywhere Luke looked at the tail end of 2019 all he could see was people who were making big sweeping statements that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was the best game of 2019 and he just couldn’t understand it.
Having played and platinum’ed the game himself Luke just couldn’t help thinking to himself… It’s just a worse Sekiro with a Star Wars skin, so he thought he would kick off a feature on Respawning called Unpopular Opinions starting with:

“Fallen Order is the most overrated game of 2019.”

3…2…1 FIGHT!


Now listen here! Wait…! Calm thoughts Will. It’s obvious that I, Lord High Overseer of the Star Wars fandom, am against this opinion. Now, am I against it because Fallen Order is a masterpiece? No, I’m just a biased Star Wars fan who’s had his feelings hurt. Fallen Order is by no means a perfect game, it is fantastic, but like any experience it still has its flaws. However, 2019 had some excellent releases and some duffers. For example, I think the most over rated game was actually, Sekiro. Dark Souls/Ninja Gaiden seems to be a fantastic idea without much to actually make it that winning title, with its big and stronger older brothers of Soulsborne, this title just suffered off the bat and probably left most fans of From Software wanting more. Fallen Order however, took an identity of its own while paying homage to the Souls popularity of mechanics. So there we have it, Sekiro, is my most overrated game, and the best part? Luke can’t even argue, he didn’t care much for it either! I’ve got the emails as proof dog!!!


I actually even disagree with Will here because I honestly thought it was a masterpiece and was easily the best game I played in 2019. I thought the story was solid, the combat was solid, the level design… You guessed it, solid. I could not get enough of Fallen Order and didn’t play anything else until I Platinum’ed this bitch. I personally only experienced a couple of tiny bugs that were nowhere near game-breaking and it really didn’t take me out of it. I relished the fact that I was playing a difficult Star Wars game and the enemies could actually kill me, I couldn’t just run around forcing enemies away. This game is a masterpiece and I can’t wait for more games in the same vein.


The third against, this is an unpopular opinions isn’t it!? Yes there’s no argument that Fallen Order had it’s issues but there was no glitch big enough which could stop me loving every second of this excellent Jedi adventure. Jav and Will have already gone over why this game was amazing so I’m not going to retread, but to say the game is overrated is something I cannot get on board with. If you feel it’s nothing but a cheap Sekiro with a Star Wars skin then by all means, go play and enjoy Sekiro but I’m going to carry on having the time of my like force pushing Stormtroopers to their death. And yes, this was my game of the year as well!


When I originally heard that Fallen Order was going to be a Souls type game, I was instantly put off. However, after being lucky enough to receive it with my Xbox One for Christmas, I can safely say that the hype was worth it. Whilst it isn’t a perfect game, by any means, it is a very worthy entry to the Star Wars franchise. Add by making it canon, it cements its place in the lore, which is also explored in the game too. All these elements combined, make Fallen Order worthy of its hype. An awesome game, I still recommend.


Now I feel like perhaps I’m not the best one to talk on this, having not actually played the game myself. But all I’ve heard about it really is “it’s so great it’s Star Wars” or “there are a fair few issues… But Star Wars” it just seems to me that the Star Wars element has a big say in people’s opinion of the game.


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