Are you and your loved one staring at the console just thinking ‘our valentines day would be so much better if we were JUST playing video games together’. Everyone knows that the true way to connect is through a screen and with 2 controllers, not having a cuddle! So here are my top 7 games to play with your better half.

7) Knack

This game is simple fun, perfect for a partner who maybe isn’t as big a gaming fanatic as you are. Simply smash your way through many enemies to progress the story. Fun thing is the 2nd character can die endlessly, so they can’t let you down as hard as they do in real life as their deaths won’t count. I will warn you that this game gets boring quickly so a session will probably last as long as your love making.

6) Golden Axe / Double Dragon / Streets of Rage

Why not throw back to the good old glory days of sega and choose any of these side scrolling action games. Find a common cause in rescuing a kidnapped damsel or something similar and attempt to get past the second boss. There’s too much fun to be had here, I can assure you, and most of the time you can get them all on one disc in a ‘Sega Classic Selection’. Sega being like that ex you never really speak about but have fond memories of.

5) Any fighter

Although bound to not last long as one will probably be better than the other, beat-em-ups give you the perfect chance to unleash some of that hidden rage; you could even go for characters that closely resemble your loved one, or in the case of a character creator, make someone who resembles them exactly. Maybe opt for Mortal Kombat so that violence is really at its top level and your love rage is prominent. It’s also a good way to see how bloodthirsty each other can be, just don’t get too scared.

4) That’s You / Jackbox Party packs

These games that existed before Play Link can be great for you and the ball and chain, or for many more… Perhaps you’re involved in a complicated love triangle and your only peace is games, pop one of these on! All you need is a smartphone each to compete in games of pure stupidity and fun. I personally love Drawful as it’s completely random and really unleashes your inner child – I also recommend alcohol with these games as it makes everything a bit… Looser.

3) Overcooked 1 or 2

Why not help out in the kitchen more virtually than you do in the real world! Overcooked gives you the chance to work as a team in a busy kitchen, extremely different from the frozen sausages that you leave and burn. Take on an endless stream of orders in crazy wacky kitchens, and assure yourselves you never want to go in to the restaurant business.

2) Any LEGO game

Much like Knack, these are simple fun but the advantage is you can find a brand that you both love. What could be more fun than unlocking every Potter character that Rowling’s ever created?! The great thing about the LEGO games is that they’re very tongue-in-cheek, and have lots of puzzles as well as combat. You can’t really go wrong with a good old LEGO game, and seeing as many of them have digital versions, there’s no choking hazard!

1) A Way Out

You know what they say; partners for life are partners in crime! In A Way Out you and your significant other can experience many fun mini games together such as baseball, arm wrestling, weight lifting, and of course, busting out of the slammer. You even get to experience escaping police in many different situations such as prison, a hospital and a car chase. The best part however is they’ll be so annoyed with the ending and some strenuous parts that they’ll go to bed, leaving you to game alone. A win win in my books!