Project Resistance has been revealed to be a 1 vs 4, online title, similar in style to games like Dead by Daylight. Playing as one of four Raccoon City citizens – January, Valerie, Tyrone, and Samuel – you must outwit a player-controlled Mr. X Tyrant, named the Mastermind, inside a secure Umbrella facility. The events of the game take place before the Raccoon City Incident.

Each survivor has their own abilities – Valerie can heal others, January can hack, Tyrone can take less damage, and Samuel can channel his energy into boxing the enemy. Mastermind will, initially, be inside a secure control room, directing the action via various security cameras – he can place and guide enemies around the map, activate turrets and traps, and open and close some doors. If the survivors get too close to completing their objectives and escaping, Mastermind can leave the control room and fight the survivors head on.

The game is having a Japan-only beta next month, and will be coming to the Xbox One, Playsation 4 and PC on a date yet to be announced. The official trailer can be seen below.