Although we’ve known that One-Punch man – the series about a hero who can defeat anything in a single hit – was getting a fighting game for some time, the Tokyo Game Show offered some new footage of the game in action.

Saitama’s gimmick – being able to, er, ‘defeat’ anyone in one hit – has been balanced by having him show up late to the battle. In the team-based fighter, he won’t show up until two minutes have passed (or a bit sooner if his team performs certain combos).

But the new and juicy bit of info revealed today was how they’ve managed to deal with Saitama fighting himself on another team. As he is too strong to knock himself out, he will instead be able to access a moveset that is otherwise unavailable in his regular playstyle, making the fight more like those between regular combatants. It’s a smart move on Spike Chunsoft’s part.

The title is scheduled for release on the PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. An archive of the new gameplay footage, hosted by PS360HD2, can be found below.

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