I started this game thinking that it would be just a Wish version of Sekiro / Bloodborne, and in many ways it is. You can tell it’s made for £20. However that’s no fault on the developers or publishers, more a fault of the gaming industry and definitely shows that unless you are a AAA studio it’s really difficult to compete with those types of games, and I’m sure if this was made by FromSoftware we’d all be creaming over it… Anyway, this aside it definitely shows when playing, I especially don’t like that there’s no voice acting and the music just doesn’t seem to fit or isn’t strong enough. Sometimes I died because my character would get stuck where they shouldn’t, and often really close objects can be slow to load. But if you can get over this and accept that it’s a £20 game, it’s really enjoyable.

You play as Corvus, a warrior, supposedly for a King / Queen, who has lost his memory. The idea is that you need to remember what’s going on and play through levels (yes levels, not open world) to get your memories back. The levels are your memories which you need to retrace to remember what has happened. The idea behind it sounds really great but it’s not executed so well, this is mostly due to the story being super vague, but then so are the Dark Souls games and I jizz all over them…. The idea is to get your memory back to get more powerful, as your memory is essentially XP, you do this by defeating enemies and bosses and spending your memory shards with a little doll girl, totally not a rip off of Bloodborne at all. Like all Souls inspired games you drop your memory shards when you die but can go to pick them up so long as you don’t die again. 

Like any Souls games, or copycats, it all really comes down to the combat. I like to think I have a bit of an idea on it having finished all of the main Souls games and having tried the vast majority of the rip offs (The Surge 2 being the best one IMO). – Totally didn’t mean for this to sound as cunty as it does! 

There are some really good combat ideas, and the combat comes to life when you get to a boss. Every enemy has two health bars, a white kind of armour health bar that you need to get down with your sword or by deflecting their attacks, and a green main health bar you must knock down with your claw, however when using the claw you are slower and open to attack – if you don’t take away the green one the white bar builds back up. This alone is a great mechanic because when you’re facing a group of enemies you need to mix attacks to ensure none of them are self-healing and definitely adds an extra challenge to the boss fights. When you knock both health bars down you then have the option to execute or reave. Execute finishes them off quickly (and you can later unlock an upgrade to heal on execution) and reave nets you some shards to build towards your plague weapons. Plague weapons are your special moves, and there are loads and loads of different types such as knife, hammer, shield, halberd, greatsword etc. When grabbing the shards you unlock and upgrade these special weapons which can knock big chunks of health off the enemy. 

The very fun combat is backed up by a pretty extensive skill tree, which makes your style of play customisable depending on what you want. Every time you level up you get a point to spend and you really can ‘pick your path’. For example, deflecting can be a parry or a full block, dodge can be a two step quick dodge twice or a longer sweeping dodge, and then you can choose to follow up with a slice or a stab. This is a small sample of what you can do. What’s really fun is you can change it on the fly, so you can constantly experiment with different combat styles and techniques.

Sooo is it a good game and is it worth your money? It’s a hard one to call, at the end of the day this game is £20, but if you’re game sharing it’s a tenner. This game has a tonne of potential and its main flaws come down to the budget such as no voice acting, slow loading graphics and bugs. The combat is really enjoyable and I do want to complete this game, so far it has been worth my time to get to the boss fights who have proved a challenge and a test of the combat. I would advise you don’t play this if you still have Sekiro or Bloodborne to play, but definitely worth checking out if you’re done with those and are looking for a new challenge. Fair warning this game won’t test you in the way that those do but does enough to keep you hooked. This game is better than Hellpoint or Mortal Shell and definitely makes its name in this odd category of ‘indie dark souls knock off games’. I give it

7 / 10

Written by Javier.

Edited by Alexx.