Finally, the new generation gets to experience the ultimate playground fad of the late 2000s.

So there’s this indie title called ‘Little Friends: Dogs & Cats’ headed to switch this spring, and it’s the cutest thang, you guys. It’s coming from us from Sold Out, a studio here in the UK. The game itself has (a little bizarrely) been released in Japan since December, and is now making its way west to North America and Europe.

“Little Friends: Dogs & Cats is an adorable pet simulator that we hope animal lovers of all ages will fall in love with,” said Katie Clark, Product Manager at Sold Out. “There’s a huge appetite out there for pet simulation titles, and we’re so excited to be releasing the first game of its type on Nintendo Switch. We can’t wait for players to meet their new little friends!”

  • Meet your new best friend! Choose from 6 breeds of puppy and 3 cute kittens, including Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd and French Bulldog. Give your new friend a name, care for them and develop a bond with them. Lifelike animations help bring your little friends to life.
  • Play with them! Use the Nintendo Switch touch screen to pet your new friend, or take your puppy pal out on walks to keep them as happy as you can. Play ball, practice for the flying disc tournament, and unlock new toys as you play. Play with up to 3 pets at the same time, or use the hotel to keep up to 12 furry friends.
  • Get to know them! Learn what your pet prefers to play and feed them their favourite food. With hundreds of lifelike personality traits, getting to know what each pet prefers is important for bonding with your little friend.
  • Dress up! Choose from over 600 stylish accessories to dress up your new companion. Once they’re ready, take screenshots to remember their amazing outfits.

Good selection of dogs there. Unironically, this looks like my bag, to be honest. Apparently they have a Twitter you can keep an eye on in the meantime.