The Last of us Part 2 is a game I have waited seven long years to get my hands on. The story driven title has had me chomping at the bit to get my hands on every detail over the past few years, striving to just know everything about it.

I recently wrote a piece that this is a game that I have been looking forwards to playing with my wife as well…

The Last of Us 2 boss says the ending has not been leaked

Problem is, this is far easier said than done when you have a 6 month daughter in the house and this is by no way an article where I just moan about being a dad or the game… except well it is and I am writing it because I know there will be some other parents out there experiencing the same things as me.

For full disclosure… I LOVE being a dad and I love everything about it, before anyone comes in to moan at me.

The problem I have been having here is that The Last Of Us Part 2 is a game that demands my complete attention and unfortunately, so does my daughter and I know which one of the 2 would easily win out here… The video game. I kid it’s obviously my daughter.

What this means as gaming as a dad, is that you have to pick your moments quite carefully when you play on the PS4 and choose to play the game when she is playing with something else or happy in her own company for a brief 20 mins or so.

A managed to get an hour today by popping her in her Jumperoo as she absolutely loves to jump for ages. Perfect! I thought to myself. A brief window where me and my wife can smash through the early hours of the game and get through the tense, narrative driven experience together.

So there we were, climbing through the snow – clickers on all side. Tension building when all of a sudden… we hear the telltale noises of “Bingo was his name-o” coming from the jumper, demolishing all the carefully crafted tension the game had spent the last 2 hours building.

Normally, I would play games when she has gone to bed – problem with this route on for the Last of Us Part 2 is that my wife has also waited 7 years to see this title in its fruition and they go to bed at the same time (we do co-sleeping, so of course can’t leave the baby alone at the moment)

I know this just sounds like I am moaning and I am, but I have an avenue to output my frustrations about wanting to play a game – but alas. My daughter will forever be more important to me… even if I HAVE waited 7 years.