Oh boy! How about that new Carnage… I mean Venom 2 trailer huh? We are FINALLY getting Carnage on the big screen and if everything is to be believed then Venom 2 is shaping up to be tons better than the original (which by the way I still loved anyway).

So I thought I would take a moment to really appreciate why comic book fans have wanted Carnage on the big screen for so long and also perhaps explain why Carnage needed a “mature Universe” to be launched before he could make the jump from page to cinema.

In absolutely no order – here are the worst things the Son of venom (and his pal Cletus) have ever done

Cletus: Drill his dog to death.

Yeah, that’ll teach you for eating my homework

Cletus was always a bad dude. Ever since he was a kid he wanted to hurt, maim and kill things and as is the story with a billion psychopaths we read about, Cletus decided to first start with the beloved family pet… Not content to just beat the dog to death or suffocate it, Cletus in fact decided to drill the dog through the skull instead.

Carnage: Wipe out a diner of people because he got offended

When you slap the bottom of the ketchup too many times

This one is quite a short one really. Carnage was on the run and hiding out in a small town diner eating his lunch when he overheard a conversation where one of the local police officers blurted out that he thought he could “take in” Cletus and his symbiote.

Well Carnage old boy, he didn’t take too kindly to that and decided to kill everyone in the diner due to being offended.

Cletus: Killed his poor granny

Cletus hated his grandmother and viewed her as one of the villains in his life, so he spent quite a bit of time plotting her death which came quite abruptly at Cletus’ hands as he pushed her down some stairs… kicking off the string of murders that would put Cletus behind bars and eventually meet his beloved symbiote.

Carnage: Attempt to kill every single person who ever bonded with a Symbiote

I mean this is just an Iron Maiden cover really

The plot of the entire “Absolute Carnage” storyline sees the duo hunt down and murder everyone that has ever bonded with a symbiote in order to summon the Symbiote god: Knull.

This story is actually still quite fresh and I know a lot of people who haven’t quite gotten around to this one yet so I will end this section here in order to avoid spoilers – but do know you can expect some of the Symbiotes best moments within these pages.

Cletus: Burned down an orphanage


After killing granny and drilling his dog in the face, Cletus parent thought that just MAYBE something was a little wrong with their little boy so they sent him off to an orphanage. Well because of Cletus being a bit weird, the kid’s at the orphanage made him the target of their bullying and Cletus decided to respond in the way in which only he could: He burned the whole place down with everyone in it…

Carnage: Chuck a baby out of a window just to distract Spidey and Venom

This b*tch empty!

Yup. What it says on the tin really. Spidey and Venom had the symbiote cornered with no where to go… but since Carnage knows that the other two would put an innocents life above all else, he decided to simply yeet a baby out of the window so he could make his getaway.

Not the worst thing the two have done but just perfectly illustrates the absolute disdain for human lives that both the man and symbiote possess.

There are a few others that the two have done together that can range from turning all of new York insane through to simply messing with their Doctor so badly she becomes a cannibal (Harley Quinn much?) but I couldn’t include everything on this list as we would be here forever.

So who is the biggest monster between man and symbiote? What moments do you love to hate from Carnage? Let me know in the comments below

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