IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! Right, now we have that nonsense out of my system, let’s discuss the party, oh wait, we’re still locked down. Well luckily, we live in a timeline saturated by party video games to keep the fun times rolling even when we can’t get out to a bar. I’ve always been an advocate for fun over art when it comes to my games, so it’s been a blast thinking back on some of my favourite games for parties, so I can list them all. So many fond memories here and I hope it might even inspire a few readers to maybe dust off an older game for the sheer fun of it!

Mario Party 2

Yeah okay so there are seemingly a million Mario Party games to choose from now (or like 11? Whatever) but in my humble opinion, the series will never be better than it’s second instalment. Coming in hot on the heels of the first games success, 2 is just better in every way with more games, more party boards and most importantly… all the characters wear adorable costumes matching the setting of the board. If you still have an N64 lying around, then this is definitely worth picking up for a fun night with your friends! However, just remember, A.I controlled Donkey Kong cheats.

All hail Lord Luigi…

Gang Beasts

Possibly one of the greatest fighting games ever made, Gang Beasts is easy to learn but impossible to master, and yes, I’m kidding since this is just a silly rag doll game where you can wear a hamburger hat and throw each other into giant grinders and off the top of a moving truck. Gang Beasts is a sidesplittingly hilarious game where all the fun comes from the ridiculous situations your adorable Morph looking characters end up in as you try to beat the hell out of your friends with your tiny rubbery fists. It all comes down to who knocks out who first, so you can pick up your foe and launch them into whatever danger is available! Of course, most of the time though, you’ll die by misjudging a jump and free falling to your death.

This image comes with Leroy Jenkins energy

Mario Kart 64

I’m not sorry at all about how often Nintendo will appear on this list. It’s simple, they discovered the formula to party games years ago and mastered it. Kart 64 is an icon and a staple of parties for years, with a roster of great characters and some of the more fun tracks of the series, the 64 era title has endured for years. More recently finding a new niche as a drinking game for bored uni students! However, the racing may be great but if you’re looking for a party game, get on the battle mode! The balloon popping fun can ruin friendships and create heroes but it’s a safer option than the races…  entire friendship groups have been destroyed by a blue shell.

If you didn’t have anxiety, you do now

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Yes! Here it is! The saving grace of 2020, literally the one thing that made that year bearable. Fall Guys became a staple of everyone’s console in that dumpster fire of a year, all life’s problems could be solved by winning one of those precious crowns… (that I won 2 of in a row thank you very much). For a simple mini game run title, this game took up so much of my time last year and lead to some of the most hilarious experiences I’ve had with gaming. Me and Luke alone probably logged 3 days’ worth of time within the first month of release! However, let’s not talk about the creepy memes about how tall the Fall Guys bean people actually are…

“The buffet car is now open”

Jack Box

One of the very few video games I’ve been able to convince my parents to play. The Jack Box Party Packs are a great idea for a group to get on and have some ridiculous fun! With a real variety of mini games and some interesting quiz show format titles, the Jack Box series always delivers on the laughs! Especially when you see some of the ridiculous answers to questions that your family and friends might come up with. Or at the very list the stupid names we all end up giving ourselves, I mean how is my brother calling himself “Lieutenant Long Dick” not hilarious?!

This is actually one of the more tame outcomes…

There we have it! Just a few titles to get to grips with at your next party, shindig, kegger, hootenanny, mixer, rave or box social! However, be sure to keep it light, no one wants their buzz killed because Keith used that blue shell again for the 18th time…