In a recent discussion with Respawning’s very own Drumstick Squashie – Will, we were thinking about films that are so good, but so horrible that we never want to watch them again. This was all off the back of talking about the Revenant (I haven’t seen it but want too so it won’t be on this list) and how Will couldn’t decide if he loved or hated that movie.

So it got me thinking about all the films I absolutely adored, but I never really want to ever think about again… and we all know I love a list feature.

10 AntiChrist

I actually have nothing pleasant to say about this film, it’s grim depiction of mental health issues from a misogynistic director is nothing short of abhorrent. The sexual torture that features in this film is among the most horrific things I have ever seen in my life – and to see them done to Willem Dafoe of all people is just haunting.

Yet for some reason, unbeknownst to me. I loved this movie. I studied it at college and I shocked everyone with it, yet I detest it so much.

9 Joker

Joker was incredibly divisive when it released, another one that has a really horrible depiction of mental health but this time was shrouded with a comic book narrative giving an origin story to Batman’s greatest foe.

It’s a tough one to watch and my main memory with this was going to see the film in the cinema with a few friends, we were laughing as we went in but as we left the cinema – not a single word was exchanged and we all just went home.

8 127 Hours

I can still hear the moment where Franco cuts through the cartilage in his arm to get free from the villainous boulder in the film and to be perfectly honest. That’s all I want to say about this one.

7 Dead Mans Shoes

This is England is one of my favourite movies of all time, however it needs to be said that Dead Mans Shoes is potentially director Shane Meadows best work. ANOTHER film that tackles Mental Health issues, Dead Mans Shoes follows Richard, an unstable ex soldier who has returned from war to find seek revenge on a group of thugs who attacked his mentally-challenged brother years ago.

This film is a fantastic depiction of post war mental health but also features many of the toughest scenes in cinema.

6 Shot Caller

A rather unknown one this one but is easily Jamie Lannisters finest role. Shot Caller takes a deep look into the US prison system and all the flaws that it has, showing that even behind bars Criminals can call the shots and cause absolute mayhem.

I’m not sure why I never want to watch this film again but I do remember it being phenomenal – so good in fact, I’ve purged it from my memories.

5 Grave of the Fireflies

The less said about this childhood ruining, mentally scarring film the better. Grave of the Fireflies follows two children in Japan just trying to survive after the horrific events of World War 2 – I went into this film at 11 thinking it would be a nice, lighthearted Ghibli movie.


4 Requiem for A Dream

Jared Leto at his absolute finest, Requiem for a dream is a deep dive into the world of heroin addiction and the effect it has on the brain. Think, Trainspotting with absolutely none of the comedy and you are probably in the ballpark for this film.

It’s something I believe everyone has to watch but it’s not an easy one to see – though it has shaped me and the way I view drugs and helping addicts as an adult.

3 Clockwork Orange

Just no. it’s a work of art but I can’t think about it again.

2 Marriage Story

When I reviewed Marriage Story way back, I said: “This film is going to stick with me for a long time when I think about relationships and family; and which is resulting in me taking a long hard look at the way I act in my own marriage” and this is true – Marriage Story forced me to become a better person in my marriage and spend a lot more time putting my wife (and eventual baby) before anything else in my life.

But I never need to see this again.

1 Schindlers List

The classic! This absolute must watch is Liam Neeson’s best work. I watched this so long ago (I was 14) and have forgotten the majority of it due to the constant purging of it from my brain. What I do remember is this film is a 10/10 movie.

So there we have it, a list of movies so good and so harrowing I never want to see them again! Do you have any that might fall into this weirdly specific category? Let me know in the comments below.