Tears of the Kingdom has garnered significant attention within its first month. Surprisingly, the focus of the buzz surrounding the game is not on its storyline or intricate temples and puzzles but rather on a new ability called ‘Ultrahand’.

Exploring platforms like Reddit and TikTok reveals a plethora of impressive and imaginative builds crafted by the game’s community. From cars, planes, hoverboards, and bicycles to formidable fighting mechs and laser cannons, players have pushed the boundaries of creation. One particularly noteworthy example is an electric plane that someone ingeniously assembled using in-game wings, batteries, a steering stick, and fans. However, alongside the practical and awe-inspiring builds, there are also plenty of humorous and whimsical constructions. For instance, someone devised a contraption that turns Cuccos into roast birds by subjecting them to flames—a lighthearted approach that presumably didn’t cause any harm to the virtual Cuccos.

Interestingly, the introduction of Ultrahand has also brought out a mischievous side in some players. Reports have surfaced of players engaging in rather cruel acts against the game’s Korok characters. There have been instances of launching Koroks into the sky through rockets, wings, fans, and other means in what can only be described as the Korok space program. Additionally, players have resorted to symbolic punishments for Koroks, including crucifixion, burning at the stake, and even flinging them into the depths. It appears that some players harbor lingering resentment toward the Koroks, possibly stemming from Hetsu’s infamous gift of a large golden poop in a previous game.

On a personal note, my experiences with Ultrahand have been relatively modest. Thus far, my accomplishments have been limited to sticking a few tree logs together, only to inadvertently launch myself uncontrollably using rockets. Nevertheless, regardless of how players choose to utilise Ultrahand, the ultimate goal is to have fun and explore the boundless creative potential it offers.

As the fascination with Tears of the Kingdom continues to grow, the unique capabilities of Ultrahand serve as a testament to the game’s innovative gameplay mechanics. Players are encouraged to embrace their imagination, push the limits of what can be created, and embark on a journey filled with both awe-inspiring and whimsical moments.

Written by Clarissa.

Edited by Jackson.