OutOfTheBit, the Wimbledon-based video game indie studio behind Planet Quest, is proud to introduce Super Arcade Racing at EGX 2019. Super Arcade Racing will bring back the magic of the 16-bit pixel graphic we fell in love with in the 80s and 90s, offering the pure fun of real arcade gameplay.

It draws inspiration from classic racing games of memorable machines like the Commodore Amiga, Sega Megadrive and Neo Geo. Along with the iconic 2D top-down view, an entertaining storyline and a few twists to deliver the ultimate arcade experience through increasingly difficult levels, beautiful artwork and a compelling synthwave soundtrack.

The player will play as Mick, the main character who will enter the world of clandestine races to save their brother Martin. It’s going to be dangerous but taking part in the illicit Super Arcade Racing will be the only chance to solve the mystery behind the organisation that kidnapped Martin. There will be interesting characters to meet, bosses to defeat and a few dark secrets about the past to discover.

The player will be able to fully customise their car with a wide range of upgrades, both performance enhancing and cosmetic to show off online in multiplayer races.The single player mode, with its adventurous story to go through, will have the look and feel of a classic arcade game from the golden age of gaming, with retro inspired pixel art and iconic soundtrack, intriguing story and beautiful illustrations.

Numerous locations like city roads, deserts and forests will make every race a challenge with different modes and weather conditions. And to add to the nostalgic feeling of a retro game, the player will have the chance to discover hidden tracks off the map.

Infinite car variations, 80+ diverse game levels all hand-drawn in pure pixel graphic made with a custom framework developed in-house especially for Super Arcade Racing.

Super Arcade Racing it’s the first of a series of games that OutOfTheBit is going to work on with the same arcade style and it is available on PC and on iOS and Android devices. Soon to be available on gaming consoles as well.